Glitch removal

Hi there,
I have been using various midi guitar platforms for years and ended up buying Midi Guitar plugin a few years ago and it works better than any hardware system I have used in the past and am looking forward to version 3.
But when recording I still have to go through the midi data and remove glitches manually especially for instruments with a fast attack like piano.
One thing I recently noticed after recording was that all the glitches were usually limited to extremely short notes either just before, just after or underneath the intended note.
In Studio One I can go into the piano roll editor and use the select midi note filter to choose all notes smaller than 64th or smaller and hit delete to clean up most if not all glitches. This works fine but it’s always been annoying to always have to go through those extra steps every time you record.
Is there any way a midi filter could be added before the midi is output to delete very short notes (user set length) before they are sent to the instrument of recorded by the DAW?
This would resolve 95% of the hassle with recording or playing live with Midi Guitar.

you can try this.

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