Going wireless

I am trying to go wireless.

  1. Got the CME widi uhost for the Tec BBC2
  2. Got a travel charger
  3. Got the Gtec for the guitar. Works very well
    Converting my UAD Apollo Quad interface jack to bluethooth to connect to my B&W Bluetooth headphones with a device from Amazon. Cause huge latency. Wired HT770 pro Beyer Dynamics works fine

Need help.

Any specific model of blue tooth adapter which can connect to my UAD headphone out and give me low latency to my headphone to be totally wire free.


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Don’t try to use Bluetooth in real time - it doesn’t exist today.
Minimum bluetooth latency is 150 to 200 ms, which is impossible to use.
Bluetooth can be oused, ie, to listen to a backing track and play over it, but not to listen to what you’re playing.

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There are now BT headphones using a new technology that theoretically lowers latency to less than 20 ms (but they’re quite expensive).

I also forgot to mention that it’s possible to use infrared wireless headphones with zero latency, but there must be no obstacle between transmitter and receiver.

The best compromise is radio-frequency wireless headphones, which work without obstacles and over long distances with an acceptable latency of 10 to 20 ms.

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Harold thanks. The issue is not the headphones. I have the option of B&W7, FiiO UTW5. These work low latency with Macs bluetooth. The challenge is getting a transmitter that would fit into the headphone jack of my UAD Quad Apollo interface and offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Any recommendations on the Bluetooth you mentioned. I will also explore the Radio option like the IEM used by many on live shows. Thanks

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I don’t know anything about bluetooth transmitters, I’ve just read an article on the Denon Pro DN-202WT which claims low latency but that’s vague (and all bluetooth equipment manufacturers claim low latency but generally they don’t talk about latency in real time).
Anyway I’ve never heard of musicians using Bluetooth equipment in real time, especially as the lower the latency, the worse the sound quality.

I say all this because you haven’t specified whether it’s for playing live or not in real time, as I’m talking about real time only.

For stage use I have the low-budget " the t.bone IEM 75" whose earphones I’ve replaced with Shure SE425-CLs. For me, it is perfect, latency is about the same as if I were using an amp 4 metres away.

I don’t play live. I am just an enthusiast playing at home recording my own stuff into Logic Pro X. I like to play in my stuff rather than programming, except a little bit of edit post for some bum notes. I wanted to go wireless because of the several wires going out at the same time. i.e. TEC BBC2, Headphones and the Guitar. I don’t want to play through the monitors to ensure rest of the family is not disturbed with my quirky playing and music.

The Guitar and TEC BBC2 is solved. Guess will find a cheaper Radio based solution. will check out the IEM75.

Thanks for you help and support.

Check out the iWA project, also by cme. They plan to develop a low latency stereo transmitter/receiver dongle with a 3.5mm Jack. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get 50% (I think) off when it releases.

So far the only solutions are mono jacks for bass/guitar, or expensive wireless in ear monitors (NUX has one the is around 250 bucks, that’s the low end in terms of price AFAIK).
As mentioned above, bluetooth will never do the trick because the bandwidth is too low.

Made it work. Yes a wireless solution as follows:
Total Cost of Wifi components $187. Doesn’t include the cost of Wired Headphones, Tec BBC2, Guitars, MG2, Interface and computers !!!

Works with no extra latency. Tried a little and works. Happy to report. Will revert once I get sometime away from my day job.

  1. CME UHost for wifi midi from TEC BBC2 to Computer - $69

  2. Energy Q Battery pack to power CME UHost and BBC2- $17

3.Getaria Wireless for Guitar to HiZ input of audio interface - $51

  1. HOEREV IEM transmitter and receiver for Headphones to Audio Interface headphones out - $50

Support from LoFileiF - Priceless. Love MG2 and all the possibilities.

Please review and let me know what you find. Together we will have solution less than $190…

cheers God bless. Thanks for your indulgence.


I’m glad you’ve found the solution that’s right for you.
And thanks for sharing that can give leads for those who want to use this type of configuration.
Enjoy wireless MG :wink:

Thank you for the tip on the IEM kit. I’ve converted the rest of my setup to wireless, but the solutions I found for wireless non Bluetooth headphones were way too expensive until I saw your thread. How are you satisfied with them? How long do the batteries last before you need to charge them?


I glad it worked out for you. The battery lasts about 4 to 5 hours on a charge. I think it would be sufficient if you playing a session. usually the sets last for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and there is a break. One could charge in between the sessions as well. But for the most part it should cover the full gig. Hope this helps.

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It should do fine. I’m basically trying to cover the same scenario as you do. Being able to play MG2 without being tethered and not bothering the rest of the family with my musical experiments. :blush: Being untethered by signal cables also reduces the chance of one of the dogs getting tangled in one and tearing down and breaking stuff. Especially the younger one, who is still easily excited. The oldest one would just stand there, wagging his tail, while patiently waiting for me to untangle him. :wink: