Guitar Midi Setup on Pro Tools

I followed the instructions on setting up Guitar Midi to use in Pro Tools, but I’m failing to record anything.

Are there any more detailed instructions anywhere? I’m using a trial version on Windows, I really want to buy the full version but won’t until I can get it running through Pro Tools. I have the virtual midi loop driver installed and followed all the available instructions.

Hello @inghamatt , welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t use Pro Tools but found a similar case solved in this old article
Recording MIDI on Pro Tools using a Guitar

Maybe you have already read it if you have searched on the web ?

Also remember if not done to look here in the search field, as i.e.:
How to record MIDI output from MIDI Guitar into Pro Tools
and others.

Thank you Herold! I will try those

Thank you for your help Herold, I managed to record something in Pro Tools.

I have a new problem though. If I open Guitar Midi 2 first, I can hear what I’m playing, but not playback on Pro Tools. If I open Pro Tools first, I can hear playback on Pro Tools, but not the Midi Guitar 2.

I added a screenshot of my codecs, I think that’s the problem but don’t know how to solve it.

The one on the left is Pro Tools, the right is Guitar Midi 2.

Really appreciate anyone’s help on this.

Hopefully someone who knows Pro Tools can help you better than I can, but first we need to know your configuration: which version of Windows, which audio interface, and are you using MG in standalone or as a plugin with Pro tools?