How can I use Cobalt and save a certain patch?


I just discovered the cobalt synth and like it a lot.

I can load patches of Cobalt within MG2, but how can I save them? When I open Cobalt it always shows the same entry.


the “save” knob can save a MG patch, it will also save the settings of the loaded fx and instrument

Oh, of course I DID SAVE the patch, yet after a programm change it still jumps back to the first preset in Cobalt.

Paul, please refer to this previous discussion, this is the exact same problem I had with Cobalt and some other effects vsts

Maximum: no, it is most likely not the same issue.

Hello everybody, I confirm that when changing parameters in a Cobalt preset, changes are saved in MG patch, BUT:
When recalling MG patch, it focus on the 1st (default) Cobalt preset. It needs to select manually the desired/modified preset.

As it does not happen with most synths, I assum that the problem is the synth, not MG.

Does Cobalt sound differently than saved? sometimes it is just a presetname display that is off. MG itself as a plugin will not show the selected preset at reload, but will have all params set like saved.

Exactely the same as with Herold…

Presetname and sound are reset both to first preset (—Les…)

I think the problem here is that MG2 fails to refer to the preset within synth or effect being saved in the patch which then reverts or defaults to its top of list preset on recall. Many synths and effects allow for tweaks and settings to be made then saved within a preset. In my earlier (Dec 2019) post I found references to an " fxp " (preset) file where this important piece of data is stored. I hope this helps.

I just discovered the freeAlpha synth, where I found around 10 sounds in the pad style combined with some nice effects.
As I want to use 32 presets when playing live (two sets in the nanopad2) so I wouldn’t have to switch too much, I am set right now. I will use MG2 additionily to my mfx RP1000 from Digitech and switch the outputs by an Y-switch to the amp. Therefore I built a little rack for the gear, where a Win10-64 tablet and the Korg nanopad2 sit on a “bridge” over the RP1000 so I can easily switch patches on the nanopad by hand.
I neither wanted to use two big floorboards (like the RP1000 and the Behringer fcb1010) nor did I want to replace the RP-sounds by loading amp-plugins in MG2. I tested some plugins by Amplitube and BlueCat, which didn’t come equal to my sounds of the RP, so I settle with the setup as described.

Excuse the slight offtopic descriptions…