Midi Learn issue

For some time now, I have a problem with midi learn function: when I change midi assign with a controller then save patch, it works well until changing patch or closing MG2. When i come back to my modified patch, midi assign returns to its original state.
Looking at the patch file, it seems to add the new assigns in the file but focus only on the first one : In this example, I changed several times the midi assign and here is the result in the patch file:

master-mix-cc value=“14”
instrument-gain-cc value="14
amp-gain-cc value=“14”

master-mix was the first goal and it remains activated on patch loading. It can’t be changed by another assign.

you can delete the master-mix-cc value=“14” line in a text editor.
it is a bug in MG that doesnt delete previous assignments.

This is what I have done :slight_smile: … But I was just afraid because of a soft or hardware collision.
A problem well defined is a problem half solved.
Thank you Paul.

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I’m wondering if this might be something similar to what I’ve been experiencing. When saving a patch with some third party VST, It often won’t restore to the newly adjusted parameters since the VST stores the settings in “.fxp & fxb files” under C: Users…data roaming (windows). I’m wondering if there might be a simple solution since this seems to be a standard for some Cubase compatible VST’s for awhile. I’m also currently playing with a very simple little free VST host called Pedalboard 2 http://www.niallmoody.com/apps/pedalboard2 which successfully saves parameters on closing. (a great little toy for those of us on a budget.)

the parameters of a VST loaded in MG standalone are stored in the patch file, not in other files.
So far we havent had reports of VST params not being stored correctly in the patch file.
MG saves the params “as they are now” on screen. Plugins can however have their own presets. If you change stuff in those presets, the plugin in MG will not load those preset values, but the ones that you had on screen, and where stored in the patch file.

And that’s why its particularly annoying when one is playing live on MG2 standalone and wants to switch from patch 005 to 001 for a few bars then back to 005 only to find that the “harpsicord synth” so important to the piece your playing has reverted to “default”.

Is there not a way to to have the MG2 save process save the .fxp file and point to it from the patch MG2 patch file on reload? Maybe something for the new update :slight_smile: (hint: pedalboard 2 does it and if you follow the link I sent and download it, he supplies the sourcecode). I’m not a coder and gave that up in the 80’s with basic.

regards, Max

If you save the MG patch with your harpsicord synth sound, MG should recall the patch with exact those parameter settings. As far as I know this works well, we’d be flamed constantly if this wouldnt work.
What synth do you load?

Depends on the synth I guess, this one doesn’t. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no professional musician, just an old guitar picker on a tight budget with a thirst for midi magic lol. A lot of my VST’s are freebees picked up from the interwebs. This particular one I found on https://www.lesliesanford.com/ Its called Cobalt, wonderful little synth. The person that created it is an artist, musician and used to code these for sale at one time, now just offers them for free. Sorry for being so long winded but my whole system relies on MG2 and cheap or free VST synths and effects controlled by my FCB 1010.

there are no mac plugins on htgtps://www.lesliesanford.com/
so I can not check what is going on there tat quickly, have no windows machine here.
however: If pedalboard works fine with it, why dont you use pedalboard for hosting it all?

That’s been my present work around for that particular piece of music however would like at some point to have MG2 be my go to app for everything midi and guitar. Anyway thanks for letting me rant a bit. I’m still anxiously awaiting the next Windows update so that I can midi control my controllable guitar effects within the stand alone (pedalboard2 workaround for that too lol).

Regards, Max

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you’re welcome Max… and yes: CC forwarding to plugins will make it all quiet a bit more lively, it is on the list.

I agree with you, Paul. A modified plugin’s preset will be recalled with its saved modifications… BUT : for most of my plugins MG2 doesn’t store the plugin’s program number. It recalls the first program and requires to recall the the good one by hand. Using several programs of a same plugin, there is no way to save them in patches.

I’ll have to investigate this.
Herold, Can you give a name of a general available plugin that features this problem in MG?

In this exemple, I use VL-122 from AM Music Technology:

2.opatch (57.9 KB)
s2.opatch (57.9 KB)

You can look at these 2 patches: 1st is saved with program n°1 “jazz 1”, 2nd is saved with program 10 “groove”+ one modification in 2 parameters.

The written patches are strictly identical, except for parameters modifs that have been saved but not the preset number.
It seems that all presets (programs) are written in the patches.

However, when I look at a patch with a plugin’s program that can be saved and recalled, only the selected preset seems to be written.

there is no macos version of it, that is a pity, I got no win machine here.
I’ll forward this, and we’ll reply here when we know more.
I have to know what exactly the problem is:
a) doesn’t sound the same as saved when reloaded
b) doesn’t display same plugin program when reloaded as it was saved in MG patch.
c) both a and b
d) Only the issue “… when I look at a patch with a plugin’s program that can be saved and recalled, only the selected preset seems to be written.”.

this is the problem: when reloaded, MG2 displays always the 1st program of the plugin, not the one saved.
And when selecting manually the right program , it sounds the same because modifications of parameters have been saved correctly.
I shall try to find a win+macos plugin concerned with this issue.

I have found a macos vsti that have the same issue on my pc : Crystal soft synth