How Do I Mute the Dry Guitar Sound

Using version 2.2.1 with Reaper.
I just read the thread “The plugin work, but the guitar sound still sounds”.

I’ve pressed every knob there is and nothing happens. Where exactly is this “big Master Volume Knob”? Also, where is the “User Manual”?

Thanks for your patience.

Hi! A question in return: have you got anything in the slots of the "blue"part here, the ones relating to Audio? In Deep FX, Amp Fx? If so, and you are not interested in the guitar sound, remove those. You can also turn the “MIX” knob to full red (only MIDI sounding), and the master Gain, I guess is your master Volume. I guess you could mute the audio track out too, if you are only interested in MIDI, but I haven’t worked with Reaper so I don’t know what that would look like.

Many audio interfaces have a “direct” or “monitoring” switch, so most likely this is your problem :slight_smile:

I have nothing in any of the boxes you’ve highlighted and I have tried turning all the knobs fully left and right - the dry guitar is still there.

Also, my interface is the Behringer UMC404HD and none of the buttons or switches solve the problem.

Thanks for replying.

Then the dry guitar is coming from Reaper.

There is no way MG will produce or forward any guitar sound if you followed LoFiLeiF’s advice above and turn down the blue channel.

This refers to the manual and button that solved the problem for the Line6 AmplifiTT

For the Behringer UMC404HD, the Mix button must be turned full to PB in order to hear only the processed signal and not your incoming guitar signal.

Look at the screenshot below

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Yup, that did it.

Thanks, Herold and thanks to all of you.

Had this problem on my Behringer UMC202HD and disabling the Direct Monitor button (button fully out) did the trick.