HX-Stomp ASIO HELIX is not recognized. What is the cause?
I’m using Windows 10.

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Without more details about your material, it is impossible to find an answer, can you first tell:.
What is your operating system? Which version?
What is the firmware version of the Helix and of the driver?
Does it works in a daw or in an other audio app?

You can already look for more information by typing helix in the search field

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I’ve read about many problems with Helix’s drivers and WIN10 (which you must be using since you mentioned ASIO).

Like Herold said, I’d test with DAW first to verify if you can see the device there. If you can’t see it there try reinstalling the driver.

Based on my experience with using various I/O devices in MG2 as a standalone (both macOS and WIN10), I would say it is highly unlikely to be a MG2 issue.

Thank you. I’m using Windows 10.

Thank you for finding me.
I’m looking for alternatives to Synthax.

By the way, I’m using Windows 10.
MG2 exists both in my DAW and standalone. MG2 can recognize other interfaces, so only HX cannot be used.

I may have overlooked something.

The latest Windows updates have messed up many drivers, especially printers but also audio devices.
I’ve just reread some posts from Helix users who have solved their problem either by uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers or by updating the firmware when this had not been done before. But this did not concern MG2, so the problem may be something else.

However, you may have read this post while searching the forum which shows that it is possible to get the Helix to work perfectly in MG2, and below an interesting and detailed explanation of the configuration used.

Thank you.
I will try various environments other than MG2.

Why other environments? It sounds like the issue is fixable with updating drivers. I’m running MG2 on Win10 with the latest updates and the latest Helix drivers, firmware, etc. it works fine for me.

In another case, one issue comes when using several audio devices.
I encountered this by helping a friend with a Boss GT-1000 not recognized and using a Boss RC-505 that appeared in the MG2 device field but no way to see the GT-1000.
Going in the Windows Device Manager, deactivating then reactivating the GT-1000 device, it took precedence over the other devices and appeared in the MG2 device window.