Is Midi Guitar 3 coming in 2023?

MG3 is somewhere in between right around the Corner and Never, so I thought I might ask if the Hardworking MG people could give us a little bit more precise Outlook and tell us if we can expect it next year or if they can’t tell at this point. Sorry my curiosity is way bigger then my patience, so I just have to ask.

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Sure it is.

Since v3 is mainly about tracking improvements, I’m in uncharted territory which makes estimations difficult. Until then you have v2 which was also several years underway over v1, MG v2 is still unique on the market. We will get v3 out as soon as we can.


I [for one] am unclear about the Snarky and Sarcastically Rude comments regarding “when” MG3 shall be available. Goodness! Child, PLEASE… Anxiousness is the domain of young-folk and clearly a young-man’s disease!

I fail to understand how TAUNTING and HUMILIATING Software Developers can accelerate the process of product testing.

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That’s great to hear thank you. Is there any possibility to get an m1 native version of mg2 or would that take away to much time from the MG3 development?

no clue what’s going on in that comment, but well enjoy I guess

If you fail to understand, that means MG2 can do all you want with guitar-to-MIDI. But if you want to bend just one string, or play slide, multi channel control is vital. I for one have put MG2 aside for the moment, and I’m using the ever increasing array of effects to create the sounds I’m looking for. When MG3 arrives I will surely pick it up again. So perhaps now you understand a little.

Zeuxis -
Read my message again - - I think you may have misunderstood my thoughts: What I fail to understand is the rude and hostile attitude of some Forum members towards JamO, in their anxiousness and impatience for the release of MG3. If their intention is to push JamO into rushing MG3 to market, I don’t think it is very persuasive to cajole, demean and insult him. That’s all I meant.

As regards multi-channel control, it’s here already: Lofileif has already demonstrated that to be a practical reality, which he uses OFTEN, albeit using a hexatonic pick-up and 6 instantiations of MG2. I myself am pursuing a similar idea using Fishman Triple Play.

Hi Boppa,
i am one of those people you are referring to.
Nobody force JamO to rush MG3 on the market but just avoid to talk about something not real at the moment as an imminent roadmap (it was 18 months ago)
I will be the US president in my personal roadmap but do not know when and if i will became it for real. It can be tomorrow or in the 2045 because it depends on a billion of variables very close to an highly complex system. But believe me i work day and night to achieve that. :joy:

Btw…everyone will be happy to finally see MG3 for real.

"Sorry my curiosity is way bigger then my patience, "

Of course you are entitled to what you want, when you want it !
And, you believe you have a right that others share your frustration.

No matter the author/programmer/musician has been crystal clear about the complex issues he is working on,

I have a term for you: immature.

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What is it that you want in the new version?

I would really appreciate if we could keep this threat about the topic and not about whatever you guys think I am because I asked a question in a forum that is there to ask questions. You guys are a weirdly angry bunch.

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I would LOVE for v3 to be able to play 12 string acoustic guitar samples (chords) so that I can quit hauling around this acoustic 12 string. It’s a big ask but I’m still hopeful.

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Ahhh, Forums where discourse devolves in MGone, MGtwo, MGthree…
I’m just glad someone else was brave enough to ask again before I did. lol
C’mon were all musicians of some sort here, a little narcy, a little emotionally volatile it’s all fun!

Thank you Sir. I suppose everyone being anxious about the release are likely frustrated with the videos of what was to come, and the early estimate you had originally to release it as a beta. However in the software world we get used to the fact the new releases of software are usually based on a huge staff of programmers and developers like Bill Gates or a huge company with extravagant resources. I suppose what some of your followers are looking for was an apology that you jumped the gun too soon and promised some “free candy”, so to speak. I realize it must be a huge task, and willing to wait my place in line, like everyone else must. I wish you much speed and success with the new version, and I wish to all a Happy Holiday!

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My day job is in a company that makes firmware/software based products, and I’m well acquainted with firmware and software upgrade cycles, and how they apply to the customer. It is normal for some customers to be disappointed when a new software product release is delayed, and complaints are very normal. It is also normal for the best conceived schedules for a software release to be missed by unforeseen issues. Some folks are not aware of how all this works, and complain (sometimes quite bitterly) as their hopes are dashed.

The only way to avoid all this is for the developer to keep the product secret until it is ready to be released. But the customers beg for news on new upgrades, and complain when the schedules are missed. I can guarantee you that the developers want happy customers and are wanting to get the software released as soon as possible, as it costs them money to delay a release.

Another thing is after a new software is released, it will inevitably have bugs. I’ve been at this for over 35 years and bugs in early releases are a law of nature. So customers want updates on new software, complain when the software is unavoidably late, and then complain again at the bugs in the new software after a developer does all they can to get the release out without any bugs.

IMHO we should have a bit of patience and encouragement for the Midi Guitar developers. After all the registered users will get a free upgrade. I’ve been using midi guitar equipment since 1988, and frankly Midi Guitar 2 is magical, I still find it hard to believe how well it works. Let’s give these fine folks some unmolested time as they are surely working hard to get us the new magic.