Is Midi Guitar Still Being Developed?

I’m pretty confused by the communication around version 3. Everything has gone quiet and the roadmap looks to be very out of date. I don’t want to buy V2 if there isn’t going to be a V3 or if it’s still many years away.

Has development of V3 been abandoned, and if not is there any new information on when it will be released?

Sure it is!

We are very excited about the next updates but it’s taking longer than expected partly because we couldn’t limit the ambition and scope of it, partly because polyphonic real time tracking is difficult (I.e. impossible) technology. See Hofstadters law :wink:

We will get the BETA out as soon as we can.


That’s great news. Thanks for the update. Encouraging to hear you are doing the impossible. That always takes a little longer. :wink: