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Is the Piano sound definitively the hardest to achieve with midi guitar?


Using MG 2.2.1 as a plugin in Logic Pro, with my M1 MacBook pro 13", I am able to play with reasonable ease fast runs on almost any software instrument, with almost any kind of sound, except Piano.
If try to use, say, Logic’s Steinway Grand Piano, I get much more wrong notes than desired ones.
I’ve tried every possible combination, for instance hard noise gate and low gain, high gain and no gate at all, I’ve struggled with tone, curve, everything, and the results are quite disappointing.
Any suggestions?

@Pierrot Hello,

This is a question that comes up regularly because pianos - and percussive instruments - are difficult instruments to master.

A good habit to get into to quickly find answers to your questions without waiting for someone else to do it is to use the search box by typing in keywords such as “piano problem” and others.

Here are 2 links taken at random by searching to give you immediate satisfaction and I suggest you continue your research afterwards

How to improve virtual piano playing

Making piano track better

Thanks Herold, and sorry for the reiterative topic.

… That refresh the knowledge :wink: