JX10 AM or DX10 FM synth Midi cc list

I’m just wondering if there is a list of the different parameters that can be tweaked on the fly with a midi foot controller on the default synths in MG 2. I found one by accident when fiddling with the “Draw bar organ” patch pre-loaded with the app (cc 1, 0-127 mod wheel on my generic midi cc list) which appears to affect the depth of a vibrato effect. When I opened the JX10 AM gui I could not see any of the knobs respond to the foot controller but assumed the vibrato (lower right section) parameter was being affected. I have visions of a variable “Leslie” effect. Love this program, full of surprises. While I’ve got you, Paul, any ETA on the next update for the Windows version?

Regards, Max

there is no eta yet on full mac/windows version update.

The JX10 remote cc’s are here:

Thanks Paul. Quick and thorough reply as usual. I’ll experiment with those cc values. I’m also going to experiment with a VST effect chainer and see if I can get control of guitar effects until next update. If successful I’ll let the group know.

Regards, Max

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you’re welcome!
about VST chains and midi fx controlled by CC:
maybe look into Gigperformer: that is a live host that can connect midi to vst fx.
E.g: In Mainstage incoming midi is not connected to the fx, but has to be connect to automation params (which is a practical no go for doing remote controlling anything inside MG). Mainstage and Logic offer no midi routing to get midi straight into fx… (they force “side chaining”)

Ableton Live can do it however, and a lot of other DAW’s alike…
See a list of how to route cc’s into vst fx’ here: https://www.overloud.com/node/166

Thanks again Paul. I’ve already got my Traction 7 DAW operating as a live effects host thanks to your suggestion many months ago… Works great, can have several virtual stomp boxes on screen and manipulate parameters and activate or deactivate each with midi cc. However my ideal set up would be MG 2 stand alone doing it all. We’re almost there lol.

Regards Max