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macOS Mojave 10.14.6 , no audio input

Yes it is set to all

Next step:
Open menu “logic…”, choose “preferences”, choose “midi”, then subtab “inputs”
Make sure “MIDI Guitar out” is checked for input

Ok i believe it is set to out

Paul I wanted to thank you for your assistance with midi grr 2. You were right! It was an issue with the midi in Mojave. i lost all midi in Mojave due to a glitch that apple knows about. it is a glitch if you load a corgi driver, it erases all midi control. i deleted the drivers & it still did not work. So the more I read if u update to Catalina problem goes away. I did update in the middle of a project, which is a no no. But it worked & midi gtr worked too! Waves had to upgrade all plug-ins. i was excited to see how well the midi gtr worked until a minor upgrade in Logic pro… everything worked fine. logic is locked up now & the apple guy is saying he can’t fix it. So I lost everything fro now. but i did love the midi gtr while it worked. If anyone has Catilina & it is working. Don’t update logic pro X. Nothing works now & the apple guy is saying i have to buy new computer. This computer is 1yr old. i paid 5grand for it. i’m speechless. Lost ten years 7 45grand worth of work with these stupid apple upgrades. if i can give any advice. stay away from apple. they are not worth the money anymore with these constant upgrades

I hope you find a solution. Sometimes the apple guys don’t know shit. Happened to me once, with a mac laptop going into kernel panic, drastic crash. Turned out to be the fault of my apple router, but I only found out because of a friend who’s an electronics engineer and macintouch geek. Apple was telling me to funk off, nothing we can do. Instead I returned their overpriced router, got a cheap one that didn’t crash my computer. No further trouble, on that issue.
I’m thinking I’m on my last macbook. I like Logic, but I also like Reaper, and I have a good supply of VST instruments, so why put up with apple’s shitty attitude. Their products are largely surveillance tools anyway.

Thx Bill. I’m so fed up with apple. I also know a lot of people switching to Reaper. The only reason I stayed with logic is because the studio we pulled the project from was using that format. I’m not a computer guy, just a good musician. My co-worker is fed up too. He said the upgrades & glitches are killing the apple brand. I’m sitting here trying to enjoy a cup of coffee & my hearts in my throat hoping I can figure this out. thx for the shout out & feeling the pain. Peace my friend