Maschine and Midi Guit2

I have Midi Guitar2 instaled and selected as a VST on a track with Maschine, I have midi code showing live in the midi guitar2 screen, the selected sound is triggering fine ie I hear it clearly however the midi signal is not communicating/routing correctly within Maschine as when I record nothing is captured. ie the midi notes are not recorded.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi David! If nothing has just recently changed Maschine and Reason both have the same issue: It doesn’t allow MIDI out from plugins. The obvious solution to this is to have MIDI Guitar in standalone run in the background, and let Maschine use the “MIDI Guitar #(1) OUT”. Check those boxes in the Maschine Prefs:

Thanks Leif, how do you get midi guitar to show in the midi preferences then?

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Yeah Sorry! You just start up the standalone MIDI Guitar 2 app first, and the it should appear in the MIDI input box.

Hey Lief, Yeah I did that and ain’t showing :frowning:

You are on a mac, currently I’m using a PC, and I wouldn’t think that they would be very different in this regard

You don’t have any MIDI inputs at all? No keyboard, no nothing?

There’s a whole list of things you can tell us, to start off with, in helping us help you. A great start has been compiled by Herold here: How to report issues and ask properly for help?

This is because on Windows, Virtual MIDI cables is not part of the OS. You need to install loopMidi or loopBe1. Here you can create a virtual midi cable and then select the cable as input in Machine and output in MG.