MG2 Pricing

Im on the website…ready to purchase;
Price is noted at 99.95…great, Im happy to pay that after using the trial and making sure its ok
I go to the store to buy…not it says the price is 149.95…hmm; I own/use Triple play and this is an extra for me so I can use on acoustic guitar more easilly; what is going on?


Yes, there has been a price raise recently. It is of course very unfortunate to have the old price still showing at some places. Subject has been up for discussion here:

Thanks for the reply
It would have been great to offer the old price for adopters who purchase prior to 3 upgrade :wink:
50% is significant…despite it being a good product


Also, will cpu usage get optimised in 3? I cant run it on my surface 4 along with eg absynth etc
Does it multithread wel as a plug?

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Oh, I guess all those specific technical issues will get answered a little bit further down then line. We are in the midst of working on the tracking right now. I guess @JamO will fill you guys in later. :+1: