MG2 w/VSTs WAY TOO sensitive

Either using as a stand alone (loading my plugins) or as an effect to an audio channel in Logic, most instruments I choose MG2 is WAY too sensitive, especially Logic’s B3 organs! If I just look at my guitar it triggers notes!

I’m demo-ing the iOS version and it’s the same thing.

The intro demo video that you all have on the website with the guy playing the stock Piano… now way! There’s no way I could get MG2 and my setup to do that. Either miss lots of notes or trigger all kinds of extra random notes.

Big question, I bought it, so now how do I make it work like all the demos and videos???

well, as I’m the guy that plays all our demos, maybe i can help.
there are several things:

  1. Logic’s Hammonds have no velocity. There is no soft or loud, just on and off. So if you dont have it set up right, it will produce loud mistriggers only, no soft mistriggers.
  2. You have to setup your guitarinterface gain, so that the you practically never hit the ceiling of the vu in the input section. The iOS version is newer and has a more fancy vu.
  3. After that you pull up the noisegate to diminish triggering at lower velocity.
  4. Then jam with it, and listening to the synth output only. Lots of guitar typical techniques are not translated: the midi convertor can only convert clean playing. You have to listen to the synth and adapt your playing to it, only that will give you the best results.

The desktop version has a interactive help walking through all options on screen.

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Or as the guy who convinced me to buy MG2/MB said…

Practice to the patch.

This might help.