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“Microtonal” MIDI Machine


i’ve been demoing and looking for ways to incorporate microtonal tunings. I’ve got a .tun file with the vst synth i’m running (omnisphere) and it is picking it up ok, just wondering what the microtonal machine in version 1 that i’ve read about was and if there are suggested ways for incorporating microtuning.

I have guitars with 24 frets where the normal 12 frets go and wonder if there is a way to create a custom midi machine script to pick up the pitches, or some way to program “in between” notes on a fretless guitar.


-for fretless the obvious thing is to do is to enable pitchbend and play singel notes only. then you have all possible tones.
-for fretted instruments using chords it is not really possible to address e.g. 24 frets per octave polyphonically. Current MG has no mutlibend midi data, so it will be chromatically tuned… Also here: only single note lines with bend enabled will work.
-the microtonal script converts a chromatic single note input into a monophonic stream of a predefined tuning.

It is theoretically possible to make a midimachine script for converting non-bended midichords output into an MPE midi format (the bend data then can tune all notes of the chord, becuase MPE has all notes on differnet midid channels)

so for a 12 tone scale polyphony should work? It’s seems to be working really well. I went ahead and purchases, the tracking is great!!

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