MIDI Guitar 2.5 for iOS released!

This is a big update which has a new user interface, (small) tracking improvements, and many of the modules from the Desktop version.

Hey there ! Congrats for the new version: I am a user since the very first release :slight_smile:
I have a question: I have seen a video showing re-routing a mdi track recordrded in GarageBand, through MidiGuitar desktop.
Can it be done now on iOs with the latest update ? In which case, I would be ready to go iOs 12 :wink:
Cheers !

Hi Ole, congratulations for your software, both in app and computer format are great. It is a dream come true for guitarists that love to play with synths sounds. I use it a lot in recordings and live situations. I hope you continue improving and doing such an extraordinary work !!! Thanks a lot !!!

Is this available for bass?

No, not yet. You can use MIDI Guitar with a bass though, but it will not track the lows (they will be bass)

Thank you so much for your support, Chema!

You mean sending MIDI over wifi from an iPad to a Mac?
Described at the bottom of this page: https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/midi-guitar-for-ios/

Very cool stuff! Will have to see if these small tracking improvements are better for violin :smiley:

Hi Nick. The noise gate is more effective, so that might give you something. As soon as the dust settles after this release, i’ll get back to you and hopefully we can try to set some fire on violins too. What you’ve accomplished up til now is very encouraging!

No: I mean recording a midi track on GB iOS and then re-routing it to MIDI guitar and listening to various instruments with the music recorded on the track.
Up to now, I could not do it as GarageBand is accepting IN only, but I wonder if iOS 12 features this possibility with MIDIGuitar 2.5… ? Cheers !

Ok. I dont think GB can send out MIDI… so thats more of a request to Apple, if i understand you correctly. Maybe Cubasis can?

Yep, Cubasis can indeed , but that constraints me to use 2 DAWs…
Any unavoidable features in MIDIGuitar 2.5 that would convince me to upgrade to iOS 12 ? :wink:

Hello congratulations for this new version, have some questions:
The tracking is now comparable to the desktop version?
It supports audio units inside midiguitar (so its recallable?)

Tracking is very close ot the desktop version, but there are a two differences:

  1. Apple’s chips are abolutely amazing and in a league on their own, but they do seem to like more stable loads, whereas more beefy desktop chips (Intel) doesnt mind peaky load. So we optimised the iOS tracking carefully to use the CPU more evenly and that may have some small negative impact, especially in wide polyphonic chords. I personally have never felt that difference in practice, but there is a difference.

  2. iOS is fixed at 256 sample buffer @ 44.1/48Khz, again to avoid peaky load. The desktop/plugin version can go lower and shave off around 5 ms latency.

We dont support hosting AudioUnits on iOS yet. So, on iOS, you’ll have to use MIDI Guitar to feed MIDI Into a DAW or AudioBus3, which can then load your AudioUnits.

Hello, congratulation to new update! Just brief question about Midi machine for IOS availability?

Your software is piece of art, and Midi machine makes it an open system, great thanks guys for your extreme efforts! It track very well even my Godin 12 string beast.

Just only capability to identify the string, but it is possible to overcome.

Anyway I am developing my midi machines in order to drive Kontakt based synths in combination with midi controllers, here midi machine is key enablement.

In your roadmap would be great to specify Bunch of midi machines content, in order to avoid effort duplicity, clear expectations and get early feedbacks to potential req/spec?

Thank you in forward!


Stanislav, thank you for your kind words.

Yes, lets talk about what kind of MIDI Machines people need… usually its fairly simple for us to do custom MIDI Machines for users. Ideally they could be shared as part of a patch browser. We’re open to suggestions here…

I personally would like to see a real arpeggiator and harmonizer with a good user interface in there.

tracking is comparable (but desktop version can set lower buffersize for lower latency)
Inside MIDI Guitar are only built-in effects and instruments that are stored within each patch, so they are recallable.

Thanks, you mean midi Harmonizer here, definitely confirmed need, arpegiator as well. Just idea, with pitch information you have could enable audio module - pitch shifter applied to original guitar sound with multiple outputs. This would be great, may be as additional plug in for purchase.


Thanks for your response both, I think the best would be a totall recallable set inside MidiGuitar, it will be a much more convenient workflow, so I hope in the future we can have something, anyway is good to see MG is evolving.
The need to interconnect various apps Its one of the worst things I see in IOS.

Hallo and thank you very much! But why, despite the fact that I purchased one for midi output, does the app label endlessly turn off the application with the offer to acquire unnecessary functions for me? Thank you very much. It is very uncomfortable.