Midi Guitar 2 not working with studio one 5 on mac m1

Hello everyone

My Midi Guitar 2 doesn’t work anymore with studio one 5 Pro since I moved my DAW to a mac mini m1.
It worked perfectly before on an intel mac pro with the same DAW.

The standalone app works fine, but in studio one, the input works but I cannot get any sound on any midi instrument.

Any idea why ?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Lionel. Welcome here to begin with. Does any/every other midi controller work? I don’t know about Studio One specifically, but I have had no problems using MIDI Guitar as a plugin in Abelton, Logic or Camelot on an Mac M1. Did you switch to a newer OS version as well?

hello thanks for your answer.
All of my other controllers work.
Previously I was on a macpro with high sierra and now a macmini on monterey.
Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am not a beginner but even though we are totally capable of doing something stupid.

High Sierra was 10.13 right? Did you download the new version of the MIDI Guitar2 software as well?

Yes I did. I started from the beginning. As I bought a new mac I downloaded everything. It took days but I wanted to have the latest version on all my system. So I did it too with Jam origin. I know where to put the components and vst, actually it’s fairly easy. My wife who is much better than me on computers verified everything. And even if I did something wrong we tried all the possibilities and there are not that many…

Just checking! Well,stuff has obviously changed somewhat with the move to M1, but I am almost certain you should be looking at some difference in how your DAW is handling the created MIDI coming from MG2, rather that any bugs in MG2 at this point. When you play your guitar through and armed audio track with MG2 on it (I guess that part is similar to Logic or Abelton?), do you see any action in the “MIDI velocity” window?
Logic had some “Quick Punch-in” feature introduced for its latest version, messing with the input monitoring and the ability to play (and hear software instruments at the same time). Did you download a newer version of Studio One as well?If so, have you check the changelog, to see if they changed up some relevant functions?

yes the input works. When I use it standalone it works perfectly.

Yes, but you should check it in plugin mode? Do you use vst or AU?

i use vst i don’t have any AU

Ok, so how about Rosetta?

we tried that too did change anything

Well,I would at least try to give the audio unit (component) version a try. Other than that, lets hope for someone in here with a little more insight into Studio One than me. I feel I am at a loss here!

ok. I’ll try that and keep you inform. Thanks for your time

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Hi! So, just to clear things up: MIDI Guitar 2 is natively compatible with M1 Macs? Or does it work via Rosetta 2?

I couldn’t find any indication of compatibility on the website, there is only info regarding intel Macs on the minimum system requirements tab.

Hi @lucascajuhy
From looking at the actual app info, it is still an “Intel” app, but I haven’t come across any significant issues yet in my setting up on a M!. I’ve had issues, of course with some third party vst’s not always appearing in some DAW, and some presets for some synths not working properly. But MG2 has worked as expected. Not saying that it will for everyone though. I am sure you understand.
But don’t forget the MG Minimal, specifically for M1 chip users: New plugin: "MIDI Guitar Minimal" for Mac / BigSur

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Wow! I guess I missed that Minimal plugin post. This is great! I will be giving both plugins a try (MG2 and Minimal)

Thank you very much for the reply! :))

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@LoFiLeiF Hi, I’m having the same problem. I can get the plugin to open in an audio channel, it tracks, but there’s no Midi output.

On the midi channel, when I try to select the input I get 2: MIDI Guitar 2 and MIDI Guitar 2 (2)
None of the work. Choosing ‘All inputs’ did not work either, so I’m guessing there’s no output.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @savaz
Judging by that MIDI Monitor window you seem to have some MIDI going out at least. So it is a problem with your DAW I guess? What kind of setup do you have? (I am a Mac guy, and have very little experience with PC I might add) But what kind of platform (PC; Mac) and DAW do you use to begin with?

Thanks for your response!!

I just figured it out! I used to be a PC guy, now I’m on mac. Apparently, previous versions of Studio One or maybe it’s because of mac, I dunno, the workflow I described above would work. Meaning the input on the virtual instruments would appear automatically.

Now I had to create a virtual keyboard and assign JamOrigin’s output to it.

Thanks again!

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Hey, I don’t feel I was to much help here, but I am glad you figured it out! :grinning: :+1: