Midi Guitar 3 and Studio One


Tried the new Midi Guitar 3 and yes I had to resort to buying a Mac Mini just for this plugin for use in Studio One.

I created a voice track and instrument track, loaded a generic instrument to the track and set my input outputs correctly. The plugin recognises notes and “sends to track” is highlighted when playing but no midi arrives on the instrument track. Do I need a midi transfer device like LoopBe1 to redirect or am I missing a step?

I have tried various inputs suggested here

I m using MIDI GUITAR 3.0.48 (experimental)


You have to add MidiGuitar3 as a new “External Device” in Studio One. Easy to Do…

  • Where you selected Midi Guitar 3 as input on the instrument track, select “Configure”
  • In the External Devices box that pops up, select “Add…”
  • Select “Midi Guitar Out” in the receive drop down
  • Name the new device with some unique name
  • Click Ok
  • On your instrument track, select the new device name as the input

Make sure track monitoring is enabled

Should work



Still no midi out. I appreciate your help on this!

I’ll try to help… Make sure this is how you’re set up;

  • The Midi Guitar 3 plugin is loaded on track one (the audio track)
  • The instrument plugin you are trying to trigger with Midi Guitar 3 is loaded on track two (the instrument track)
  • On track two, set the “In” dropdown to “newmid” (the name of the device you created)
  • On track two, set the “Out” dropdown to the name of the instrument plugin you are trying to trigger
  • Make sure monitoring is still enabled omn both tracks after you make these changes

See if that helps. Good luck.


The “newmid” is not available as an input… potentially instrument setup issue?
On track two, set the “In” dropdown to “newmid” (the name of the device you created)

Thank you for the instructions.

There are two paths here, which can cause confusion:

If you load the MG3 AU, then MIDI is coming via an external midi device, as you described.

Conversely, if you load the MG3 VST, then MIDI is coming as an output of the VST and you need to make Studio One route that MIDI from the VST, to another track. I don’t have it installed here, but it should be possible, I know it was in previous Studio One versions.

I took a quick look and confirm that when using the VST3 version of MG3, it will route directly to another track, but only if I switch the Midi Output module to “Midi 1.0 Legacy”. MPE and Midi 1.0 Multi Channel did not work.

So for @Trinity… maybe try this;

  • Audio Track has Midi Guitar 3 VST with Midi Out set to “Midi 1.0 Legacy” mode
  • Instrument Track has the instrument you are trying to trigger
  • Instrument Track In = Midi Guitar 3
  • Instrument Track Out = The instrument you are trying to trigger
  • Monitoring on for both channels


Thanks JamO!

Correct i chose Audio unit instead of VST3. All working now. Thankyou both for your valuable time

Hi JamO,

Does Midi 1.0 Legacy mean no MPE support for Studio One at this stage?

I don’t know to be honest.

It looks to me like Studio One has a problem with MPE when it comes out of a VST3 effect. But it may work if you use the AU instead as karmakarmakarma suggested.

Also, MG3 always support MPE internally, regardless of the DAW. So you can always load a MPE synth in MG3.

It IS possible to get MPE to work using the AU and the way envisaged by @karmakarmakarma (turning MG3 into a NEW Keyboard via PREFERENCES/EXTERNAL DEVICES.
1.Load the MG3 AU on an Audio track
2. Choose an MPE synth (I have Equator 2) as an instrument.
3. Make sure to have MONITORING Enabled for both
4. Go to the INSTRUMENT IN Slot and choose “Configure”

First click Add (1)
Then click the “New Keyboard” (2) (Mine is already named MG3 here, yours won’t be)

In Edit device

  1. Choose “MIDI Guitar out (1)” in the Recieve from slot
  2. Check “Enable MPE”
  3. Choose a Name for this device
    4 Click OK

Next to last, choose the New Keyboard ("MG3 here) in the instrument IN slot.

And since we are talking about an MPE Instrument, Make sure the “Enable MPE” is checked also for the instrument.

I have yet to figure out how to save a setup so that it just opens and plays. Right now I have to redo almost everything every time I open this DAW.

But it is a place to start. The fact that you only got some action on Legacy MIDI1.0 mode, and not with MULTI or MPE using MIDI Guitar 3 as a VST is surely because any instrument you are choosing just receives on MIDI Channel 1 by default if you do not change anything. You can test this by using any of the other (MULTI or MPE) and just change the channel it receives to 2 for at least the first note to trigger sounds. But it is best to use the VST for MIDI 1.0 instruments and the AU setup like above for MPE work to begin with, I think.

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Hi LoFiLeiF,

Many thanks!

Ahh the error of my ways… I added an instrument external device rather than a keyboard. Likewise i have to reconnect each time.

I have been eyeing off the Equator 2 after watching Marco Parisi but waiting for an EOFY sale…for now the free Surge XT has worked.

Thanks once again to all!


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This is completely new to me, so I am just trying to make sense of this. But I would argue that the “NEW Keyboard” is and external device? What is important here is the “enable MPE” alternative that opens up for instruments in Studio One to receive on multiple channels, rather than any one of the 1-16 available by default.

I use StudioOne very infrequently, but remember being perplexed for like 20 minutes when I added a Roland midi drum kit as an “Instrument” instead of a “Keyboard” and got no data coming in. The difference is not at all obvious from the wording or the flow of the UI.

Studio One Info

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