MIDI Guitar 3: Another look at the MIDI Guitar 3 interface

A second introduction video primarily aimed at the beta testers and early adopters. We continue the task from the previous video and keep looking at details/functions in the MIDI Guitar 3 Interface to help you to a great place to start. The things we focus on this time are the following:

  • The MIDI Controller Patchbay
  • The Select Patch UP/DOWN assignment
  • The Latch/Invert function in the MIDI Controller Patchbay
  • The MIX/Blend function (connecting two faders and one controller)
  • A way to Organize Patches and Plugins
  • Change to the MIDI Output Module (It now allows for Modulated MPE and other CCs to be forwarded, as well)
  • The solution to two potential problems, when starting with MG3 as a plugin in Logic (for the beta version).

This is really impressive! How many improvements this software received. Thank you for the very explanatory video.