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Midi Guitar 3 beta - Reply to show interest

I would very much like to participate in the midi guitar 3 beta. I’m sure others would like to as well. Please reply to this topic to show the authors of Midi Guitar the level of community interest!


I think that there was already a sign-up for the beta (for when it commences).

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I’d be interested, if just to see if my wishes for cc control of vst effects in guitar section work in stand alone.

Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully they expand that

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I’m here too…! :slight_smile: #midibass

yes plz would love the upgrade

I’d be interested as well.

Me as well. I believe that they would miss an INCREDIBLE opportunity if they do not expand it.

The fact is that Guitars (Really any strings) with MIDI are scarcely within the limelight of the marketing stage. So as we all stumble in and find one another, and may not be on the “Bleeding Edge”, we’re still arriving at the “Relative” cutting edge, as most people still have no clue that it exists, and among those who do, there are far fewer who understand the principles, or imagine ways of manipulating/adapting it for more expansive use-cases.


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Yes, @Vaultnaemsae is correct. This is the way to sign up for BETA test invites! Subscribe to the mailing list. Skärmavbild 2021-08-29 kl. 11.15.08

i would -----so disappointed in latency on any synth guitar i tried to use

I would like to be on the beta testing team for MIDI Guitar 3 if possible…

I would def love to try it!

I would like to try it too. Thanks

Gimme gimme gimme please :upside_down_face:

I wanna be a beta test too

Make MidiGuitar great.

I have used the active version in Logic Pro for a long time, and it has been very good. Recently I have been thinking about buying the official version. I really want to know how much Mg3 will improve, and I am eager to experience it.

Am I to late? :wink: I just randomly checked the forum today. I’ve been subscribed a long but don’t remember seeing an email about MGB3.

I have just purchased the genuine version and activated it in logic normally. I look forward to using Midi Guitar3 now.