Midi violin incentive ideas for Jam Origin

To the developers:

not seen any progress on this front for years - maybe you’d see more potential if you marketed to mandolin players too (same tuning as violin). Add in uke tuning & you’ve captured a whole new crowd!


Not a developer, but I use midi guitar with electric violins and mandolin. It works great.
I’m wondering what a violin version will do that MG doesn’t already do…

I agree with bil on this. MG is pretty flexible on this front. Fretless instruments have more trouble but I’m sure you could adjust certain parameters (like choosing a scale) to make them work well too.

Thanks for the idea Bill -
I’ll try it with mandolin today.


Re: [bridylph] - I use MG2 with harmonica. Midi Violin will give the likes of us more high end note range to use - that’s the main advantage that I see.