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Midiguitar 2 and Mac M1

Hello everybody. I just got a new MacBook Pro M1. Using Logic Pro v 10.6. Installed the Midiguitar 2 but whatever I try, the plugin doesn’t show up in Logic Pro. I installed the midi guitar component and the vet in the right folder: library, audio, plug-ins, components and vst. I’ve been reading that there should not be a compatibility problem with the M1 processor. Also it’s said that for not yet compatible software there is the rosetta 2. But after trying everything I could think of it still does’t work.
(About the Rosetta: I would also like to know how I can find out if it is running. Can not find any documentation about that).
Well, I hope somebody can give me some advice. I have been using Midiguitar 2 a lot on my old iMac 27 inch mid 2010 and it worked really fine! I thought, now with the new Macbook M1 it would be working even better because of faster tracking and possibility of lower latency settings but, nothing. Really frustrating. So, any kind of advice would be very welcome…
Thanks for reading my issue and hopefully somebody can give me some clue.

Best regards,


I did a quick test - downloaded MG trial (macOS 10.15 or newer), copied component to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components.

Make sure Logic is running in Silicon mode (Finder/Get Info on Logic Pro app file - Open using Rosetta shoud be unchecked).

Logic is able to host Intel (x86_64) plugins (like MG) inside native Silicon app. In my case i can find MG plugin under Audio Units/Jam Origin. Because of this, there is AUHostingCompatibilityService (Logic Pro) process running (Intel) in the background (use Activity Monitor app for this). Also check process Logic Pro, which should have architecture Apple.

Not sure why you don’t see plugin in Logic - if nothing else helps, try to delete its plugin cache.

Using M1 Mac Mini, Big Sur 11.2.3 and Logic 10.6.1.

Hope it helps!

I will just add that we have finished the development of a M1 Native plugin for use with Logic, and right now we are just trying to get permission from Apple to publish it on Mac Store. Not sure if Apple will let it pass (because you guys already bought the license directly from us, not from Apple). If not, we will just publish it ourselves.


Thank you for your message.

I am using M1 MacBook Pro and also Big Sur 11.2.3 and Logic 10.6.1.
I did everything you described but no results. Logic is running in Silicon mode (Open using rosetta is unchecked). The MG component is in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder (I copied it there). I also looked under preferences in the plugin manager. There MG shows up and it says: successfully activated!

When I open a project and look in the Audio FX on an audio track, in Audio Units are all my plugins except MG. I looked in the Activity Monitor. Logic has the architecture Apple but did not see AUHostingCompatibilityService(Logic Pro).

I also installed GarageBand and downloaded the MG GarageBand version from the App Store. Also there the plugin does not show up.

What do you mean with: if nothing else helps, try to delete its plugin cache?

Really strange this issue. I hope I will get it working somehow.

Thanks again and hopefully you will get an idea and be able to give me another hint…

Best regards,


That is good news! Could you tell me how long time it will take to have the M1 Native plugin available?

And another thing: I also installed GarageBand and downloaded the MG GarageBand version from the App Store. Also there the plugin does not show up under Audio Units. What can be wrong?


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AUHostingCompatibilityService (Logic Pro) shows up, when plugin is loaded.

It’s really strange, that plugin won’t show up … try to delete AU cache manually - you’ll find instructions how to do it on the internet.

Well, I still not have been able to get it working in Logic neither in Garageband. The standalone version works however. So now I was thinking of using another daw to be able to play with MG2 my software instruments and vst plugins. Which daw is currently working good with the mac M1 and the MG2 plugin? And I still would like to know what is wrong with my mac M1 and why I am not able to get it working, not even in garageband!

Also, you had good news; you have finished the developement of a M1 native plugin for use with logic. When is this version going to be available? Can you give a indication more or less?


Best regards,


It generally works fine in Logic, GB and indeed almost any DAW.

Could you try to run the following command in Terminal:

auval -vt aumf JamO

It will test the MG2 audio unit on your system and print a lot of stuff, presumably ending with “AU VALIDATION successful” at the end.

I think we have a new M1-native plugin by Monday.

I have the same problem, MG2 plug does not show up in garageband, I also have the new MacBook Pro with the new M1 and BigSure

Hey thanks,

I tested the MG Audio Unit and indeed; it ended with ‘AU VALIDATION successful’.

So, looking forward to the new M!-native plugin which you say you might have it by Monday. That’s really a nice message! Thanks.

I got this message auval -vt aumf JamO

AU Validation Tool
Version: 1.7.0 
Copyright 2003-2019, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Specify -h (-help) for command options

VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aumf’ - ‘00000000’ - ‘JamO’

ERROR: Cannot get Component’s Name strings
ERROR: Error from retrieving Component Version: -50

    • FAIL

FATAL ERROR: didn’t find the component

What is it I am doing wrong here? VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aumf’ - ‘00000000’ - ‘JamO’

ERROR: Cannot get Component’s Name strings

ERROR: Error from retrieving Component Version: -50

    • FAIL


FATAL ERROR: didn’t find the component

Havard, it looks like you don’t have the MG AU installed - did you put it in the folder as described here: jamorigin.com/daw?
Maybe you have the pre-catalina version. Make sure you have the Catalina (and later) version and its in the AU folder: jamorigin.com/download

After putting it there, you may have to restart the machine for Logic to find it.

Ericdewit, its looks ok for you. Did you try restarting the Mac and also make Logic rescan for plugins? It should be there.

I have the Big Sure In a brand new Mac , what is MG AU, I am a musician not a IT person :slight_smile:

Sorry :slight_smile: This is what you need to do:

  1. Download MG 10.15+ version from here: jamorigin.com/download. Open the downloaded DMG file.

  2. Copy the MIDIGuitar2 .component file to your AudioUnit plugins folder: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

If you cant find this folder, open Finder and hold “cmd” and “shift” keys and press “G”. Now copy the above path into the dialog that pops up.

In order for your DAW to discover the new MIDI Guitar plugins you sometimes need to make it rescan your plugins folder for plugins or restart the Mac.

I copied the file into the VST folder, but it still not work.

You need to copy it into Components folder, not VST (as already explained by JamO). That’s the home of Audio Units, seen by Logic.

Well, MG2 as plugin in Logic still doesn’t show up. But I managed to make the garageband version working. I use it as a stand alone. Then, in the upper window where you choose instruments I choose ‘External Midi Output’. Then in the window “Midi Machines” I choose “Midi Output”. Sinds I had Garageband open, suddenly a software instruments was sounding!

So, in this way you create a midi input in the DAW with which you can play all the software instruments. Then, the same thing I did with the MG2 stand alone app and it created an external midi input in Logic.

Yeah…However, it still does not work as a plugin. And it crashes a lot. But for the moment I am happy that at least I can play the software instruments in Logic and go on testing different audio interfaces. A question which arises now is if the midi tracking in the way as described above is as fast as when the MG2 is used as a plugin inside Logic?

So, I am looking for the audio interface with the lowest latency round trip and best dynamics in order to make the play feel with the MG2 and a software instrument the best possible. Maybe a suggestion?
Now I am using an old Scarlett, an old Edirol firewire and a new Apollo Twin x Thunderbolt. Of course, the last one gives the best performance. However, the Apollo is famous for its near zero latency, but this is only with the ‘onboard’ plugins.
When I use it playing software instruments inside Logic, it has a run trip latency of 9,2 ms (1,3 ms output) which is not that impressive. The old Scarlett has 7,9 ms (3,8 ms output).

I think that the new MacBook Pro M1 which I also specially for this purpose bought, is fast enough?

So, maybe you can suggest me an audio interface which is perfect for this job?

Well, anyway, with now at least the ability to use the MG2 stand alone app with Logic there is some progress because I almost got frustrated. So, thanks for the moment for all your correspondence with advices. I hope you can give me also some advice about a the audio interface.

Best Regards,


thx, done it, and finally it works and it shows up. Next thing I am wondering about, how to record the sounds from the MG2? when I try only the soft synth in GarageBand/logic will record, not the sounds from the Midiguitar. Any advice on this?