MPE support any time soon?

Hi there! I just purchased some Orange Tree Sample guitar libraries, and they sound amazing. As they support MPE, I rock it with my Seaboard. However, I’m unable to get the full functionality while using my guitar with MIDI Guitar 2 when using chord bends and multi
string legatos etc as you do not support MPE. Seeing as I am a guitarist, I would love the same functionality from my guitar as with the seaboard. Do you have any ETA on when your software will be compatible with MPE or MIDI 2.0?


MPE is on our list. An exact ETA I can’t give you though…


Yes! We demand MPE! Seriously, though, I check once a week if MidiGuitar3 with MPE is out yet. As a slide guitarist it would totally change the way I can play and record music. I currently use Melodyne to turn polyphonic audio into MIDI, but it’s as far from intuitive as can be. I wouldn’t mind paying for an upgrade to MPE,

Yes, its coming, of course, with some really big updates, but i cant give you an ETA yet.

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Any news? :slight_smile: