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My recomendation

I really like this product and I have only testing, but I can’t decide to buy it because in my case I need to be able to have two different sounds, on the right side of the piano from the left with another timbre that I want to use, I am using fhisman triple play that It gives me that option that I cannot have with your software, although I like it because I would not have to connect any audio converter mic.
If they had that possibility, I would undoubtedly buy it with pleasure

Do you mean something equivalent to a keyboard split?

Exactly would be the idea, to be able to obtain two different timbres for each guitar register, in this case fishman triple player offer that possibility

Well, I actually like the product they offer, Midi Guitar 2, because I don’t have to use a microphone to convert the audio into a midi signal and I think it’s very touch sensitive, but if I had the option to split it would be great.

You could use a DAW (like Live 11) with two synths and place MIDI filters on each register (but no good for string splits).

@leslienunez1974 Hello, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

If you plan to use more than one synth triggered by MG, have a look at this topic:
Is there any way to control 2 or more synths in MG