New version coming. What about that Upgrade?

Hi! i wanna know if i buy this plugin right now (MIDI GUITAR 2) … when the new version comes out (MIDI GUITAR 3) I need to pay again? or it will be an automatic free upgrade? Thanks you!

If you buy MG2 the upgrade to MG3 will be free of charge.
See here for more details: Guitar MODs

I saw talk of an update to mg3 in 2021. Has there been any recent talk of when it will be released?

Hello J, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s impossible to know at the moment, the developer is trying to debug everything to be sure to offer a stable and performing version.
But rest assured that you will be informed as soon as an update is released, everyone is looking forward to it :wink:

Quote from the developer:
" We will always send notifications on new releases to the mailing list. So the best way to stay updated is to sign up to the mailing list at .

There is also a built in notification system in MG2, so if you run that in the future and v3 is available, it should get your attention."