News: iOS AUv3/plugin - testers needed!

EDIT: Its released on App Store. Dont use TestFlight version.

I just submitted MG 2.7 for iOS, which comes as AUv3 plugin version of MG to TestFlight. This means you can load it inside AUM and iOS DAWs!

Edit: get it on TestFlight:

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This is great news! Thanks.

FWIW, MG2 has always loaded as an IAA device in AUM (but not Audiobus 3) however the AUv3 compatibility will be very useful.

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I’m not sure if I fit into this ‘tester’ but I do have Cubase 10.5 DAW PC, and use an Samsung 6 android phone. I purchased MIDI Guitar a couple of years ago. I started working on my DAW more lately.

Stephen Hills

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Hi, use MG with logic, GB, Cubase 10 and studioone 4.5. My software is NI komplete and Arthuria. I use MG a 4-5 times per week. Glad to help if possible.

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Great news! I have been wainting for it long time, so count me in the testing. I have an Iphone XR and Ipad pro 10.5.
For the moment is not available in my testflight I only see the current beta 2.6.22 as soon has it will appear I will try it.

usafirefly and Wrsm1945 keep in mind this is an IOS version, so you need and IOS device.

IAA is being abandoned by apple and the latest MG2 beta does not have already this functionality thats the reason to make an AUv3 version.

Yes! I would like to participate.


Yes, I also would like to test this.
Just one question: Will it be possible to test it in parallel to the actual beta? I have a running system and don’t want to break my working setup…

super - i would like to test it.

Finally available in my TestFlight.
I tested on AUM ipad pro 10.5 IOS 13.4, some problems show first:
-Midi Out and AU disabled need to purchase, but I have already bought them (not sure about the audio unit host as I am using beta for several months). None of my AU synths or effects show. That is normal?
With these functions disabled, I have hardly been able to test anything.
Tomorrow will try with more time.
Has anything changed in this version apart from the AUv3 function?

Ok, yes its up now.

Thank you for the feedback.

As for IAPs - TestFlight BETAs are not using real money, so its safe to buy.
However i see the problem that the shop doesnt seem to register that i purchase it. But it does work though - if you “buy” it wont interrupt, but the shop just dont show it as “purchased”. I’m looking into this now.

As for Hosting AUs - this is a good question - will iOS allow hosting a plugin inside a plugin (MG)? I tested it briefly and it seemed to process ok, except that there was problems with the hosted plugins editor window (a plugin windows inside a plugin window). Therefore i disabled it for now, but i will look at this as well, today.

The plugin continues to show Midi Out and AU hosting pending purchase and when I try to make the purchase, it is not concluded and it is disabled and pending again, that is, I cannot complete the process and I keep receiving constant interruptions saying that I have to buy Midi Out (which like I said I bought when I got Midi Guitar years ago).
In the stand alone version I do not have this problem, both extensions are shown as already acquired.
On the possibility that the ability to use AU within MG2 can continue to work, I sincerely hope so, because I have dozens of presets created in MG2 with external AUs (synthesizers and effects) on my Iphone and my Ipad (separately since I do not can share presets between them) and could not use them in this new version, creating a break between the stand alone version and the plugin version.
The screen space is not a problem, at least on an iPad, in plugin mode MG2 occupies the same screen space and therefore is the same as when we use it in stand alone mode. however, if necessary, you could always edit the preset in stand alone mode.

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Ok, as a temporary solution, I sent a new update to Apple, which will never interrupt when run as AU. I suppose another day or two before Apple publish it on TestFlight.

The question of hosting plugins inside a hosted plugin inside a host - it looks like its just not possible at the moment. (When MG runs as a plugin and ask iOS for plugins, iOS will simply claim there aren’t any). Apple might open up for this in the future, who knows.

So, on iOS there are two possibilities:

  1. host MG AU in any host/DAW (along other synths and effects)
  2. let MG standalone host other synth and effect AUs.

2.7.3 is up on TestFlight and should not interrupt when running as AU.

Yes, interrupt problem solved!
Problem detected:
When saving a project in AUM and reloading it, MG2 does not recall the settings it had when saved the project, and it loads the default preset and settings. This behaviour is not correct, right? All the other plugins load in the same state they were in when I saved the project.

Bad news to loose this functionality. At least I hope in the standalone version you can open all the slots to load AUs freely (cabinet and reverb slots).
Also very important is the capability to load the desktop midi fx, there are some very important like bend attack and others.

Yes, sure, it has to save/load the state from the host. Thats next on the todo list here. There is also a question about whether it should be possible to save/load Patches in MG also when its running AU, even though this is normally the task of the host.

We’ll open up the cabinet/reverb and midi machine slots for 3rd party, and I have a huge pile of new things here waiting for a big update, but right now the focus for me is to make sure the AU runs rock solid. Especially given the chaos that follows now from Apple making big changes to align iOS and Mac Big Sur.

Anybody running this, please let me know which host you tried.

Another question that I hope someone can help testing: Does in-app-purchases respond and behave reasonable for you guys? Just try and buy stuff (its not real money), in both the standalone and plugin. It seems to work fine here.

There is no save button in the AU MG2. Although its possible to load patches as usual, but there are listed only the default preset list not any of my user saved presets are present in the list.

Thanks for this and any other improvements. More and more I see that MG2 IOS is a totally viable option to play live and deserves to be on par with the desktop version in terms of performance.

Standalone works as usual in fact it is not necessary to do the purchase process again.
AU version cant complete the purchase process, when pushed it try to connect app store and then returns to “purchas” state. Never ends the process.

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Hi, I just enrolled in the beta program for MG2. You wanted to know what happens when trying to make an IAP on the Appstore. Here is a screenshot. It appears to show that the app remembers all the IAPs already owned.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know what else you specifically want testing. I recently installed AUM, so have very little idea how to use it as yet, but I also have AB3, Would it be useful to test MG2 as an AUv3 plugin in Garageband, and if so can you explain how to go about this please?

When the Beta expires will the app revert to the previously installed version, or will it be updated to a new version?