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What should I look for in plugins to download? Most plugins I am downloading will not open in Midi Guitar, which is leaving me with very few instruments!

Hi William!
I am sure there are lots of people in here with a lot of great suggestions to help you out. But first, let us know what platform you are on Mac/Windows or if it for iOS perhaps? And maybe something about what kind of instruments you are looking for? Emulations of real (acoustic) instruments or synths or something else?


I am using Windows 10. I read that I need 64 bit versions of VST files. My installation didn’t include a 32 bit version of MG2, and all of the instruments I come across are 32 bit! I am looking for real-sounding sitar, lute, oud, harpsicord, pipe organ, and techno/synth sounds.

Did you check this out?

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I found the 32 bit program after doing a search on my hard drive. Now I can use many of the free 32-bit VSTs I downloaded, but some of them don’t work or sound right (yet.) I also keep having issues with some instruments playing multiple notes when I only pick one single note. For example, maybe I will fret the 5thb string with “Test Piano,” and I will hear a piano note play, and then it will ding, ding-ding, ding during the sustain.

@Qu13tus Yeah, some instrument are more demanding than others, when it comes to how clean you pick and how consistent you can be in applying enough pressure to keep the note ringing. There is indeed a learning curve to all of that. Start with just a single note, and have it ring for as long as you can, and when you feel confident you can start shortening and repeating that note in some kind of rythmic patterns. It is also worth noting that there are other third party pianos that are perhaps a little bit more forgiving to start with. But either way, treat every new instrument precisly like that: a new instrument! Explore how that particular instrument responds to your playing, and try and refine your technique according to the results you are looking for to achieve. It is always something that needs a little adjustment. That goes for all of us!

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I agree! I appreciate your advice and support. You and I recently communicated on youtube and you were very helpful there as well. Thank you!

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