Quick Beta MG3 test using M-Vave midi controller and M-Audio Expression pedal

A very basic test using the M-Vave Chocolate midi controller pedal and M-Audio Expression pedal.

Looking forward to having time to dig deeper into MG3 and the various possible Chocolate midi controller config options.

PS also using the Mighty Plug Pro as the audio interface input 48000 Hz & 256 samples.


those strings have subtlety and presence. very nice.

one feature of the m-vave chocolate which i think is great is that the long press can transmit a different message than a short one. but it really needs at least one more exp pedal input.

I’m happy just to have a functioning expression pedal. Could easily add a second chocolate & pedal as well as a breath controller if you wanted.

At the moment my chocolate is configured so the first footswitch starts the rolling sampler then on second press freezes it etc.

The other footswitches are currently set to activate when held down and deactivate when released. Similar to long press but without the short message option. Probably could have used the MG3 midi patch bay(?) to do the above instead.


I think you’re going to love MG3 - a real pandora’s box cornucopia of possibilities.

i have a healthy skepticism of ‘ai’, i’d argue that even the latest chatbot still cannot pass the turing test.

but when one guitar player can sound like a small chamber orchestra, with each instrument possessing a different personality, it is clear that we have crossed a line.

is it ai? even if ai was used to create and test the algorithms, it’s still not really ai in my book. maybe more like artificial personalities.

regardless of the nomenclature, it is pretty glorious to hold that in your hands.

(fingers crossed) just one more day for me to do the same…


If you are referring to MG3 then for me it’s more like an evolution of the modular rack systems of yesteryear. BTW I really like virtual cable patching like those found in VCV rack, Kilohearts Snap Heap etc. :sunglasses:

LoFiLeif’s intro to MG3 youtube vids are a mind blowing glimpse into the what JamO has done with this new version.

Looking forward to having time next month to seriously experiment with it.

Can’t wait to see what you and your interesting guitar modification create. :guitar:


Listened with headphones. WOW! Very expressive. Need to test my MIDI Foot-switches… :slight_smile:

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That’s very kind of you Pasha :pray:

It’s odd how a previously neglected expression pedal, electric guitar and a few minutes with MG3 can turn a fragment from one of my finger picking acoustic guitar pieces in to something so unrecognisable from its origin.

Unfortunately I’ll be away & without computer for the next two weeks :wave:. Eager to see what this community produces in the coming weeks with MG3. :sunglasses: