Reduce sensitivity / ghost notes / extra notes

So I bought MG2 just so I could try it’s tracking. I’m not thrilled so far. I’m doing a side by side with a monophonic plugin by another company and it isn’t adding a bunch of extra notes between plucks.

I’m literally just trying to do major scales 1/8 notes at 120bpm but every time anything touches my fretboard I get extra notes. I tried adjusting the noise gate and switching to monophonic (which is worse in this case).

Any suggestions?

Oh, if helpful I am running Logic 10.4 and using an Apogee Jam with 128 bit samples

not sure what your problem is: we’ve got many,many users using it with Logic without problems. The only thing that I can say there is that you probably use buffersize 128 in Logics audiosettings, and under circumstances you might need buffersize 256, but like said, that is just a possibility.
If you checked your input levels to be non clipping and there is not a big hum on the channel, the conversion should work ok.
As a first step: Please try run our standalone for reference: you can also enable the virtual midi output there, so if it works there you can forward the midi to logic. This will tell where your problem is located.

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Well, I’m another Logic user that is having lots of the same problems. So far this software is very buggy with stuck notes, ghost notes, program becoming unresponsive. I’ll give a few more days, but so far I am finding it unusable.

It’s important to first determine where the problem is located.
For reference please us the setup like described in the Logic quickstart here:
The buffersize in Logics audiopreferences better be kept at 256, a lower setting will cost more CPU.

I haven’t had time to give it an extensive going over, but the technique in the link seems to work much better. I still had to fiddle with the gate and gain quite a bit and still got some ghost notes, but not bad enough that I can’l clean it up.

What I was doing was to use my midi interface in the instrument track instead of staying inside of Logic. I was feeding that to my Roland Integra 7. Evidently, that chain has some problems, the worse being stuck notes.

I’ll play the midi file through the Integra next, hopefully that will work.

I’m also having some issues with falsely triggered note events. I’ve attached one such example depicting the piano roll in LPX. As you can see, most of the false note-events are C1, which is out of the playable range of the guitar. I have tried both using two audio channels and the MIDI Guitar standalone app to route audio-to-MIDI signal. I am also plugging direct LINE IN into my audio interface (Roland Super UA).

I’m not entirely sure what mechanism or input message causes or increases the likelihood for such note events to output. Any help would be immensely appreciated.


c1 theoretically is only reachable in monophonic mode. what settings are used here in MG?

In the interim I did troubleshoot a bit and it seems that, yes, only such note events occur in monophonic mode. This is unfortunate, insofar as polyphonic mode doesn’t track nearly as effectively for me—mostly due to sympathetic resonance, inability to optimally damp open strings, and thus increased likelihood of false note events. I might try one of those velcro string dampeners and see if that helps. Thanks so much for your reply.

you will benefit from an improved midi gating, it will remove the low velocity ghost notes

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unfortunately, monophonic mode yields the same result, despite applying the custom gate script. I tried adjusting the retrigger offset from 5-100 ms. but the ghost notes still manifested. thank you for your help with this.

it is not the retrigger but the gate you need to adjust for your problem.
retrigger is only for fast same note repeats.

Thanks, though unfortunately the same issue persists, even when the gate is adjusted to an untenable offset (e.g. above 50).

then there is something very wrong: please check what the input level to MG is.
the script will defeat lower velocity notes, so the incoming note velocities must be all way too high.
The gain knob should be in the middle, the curve knob likewise.

here are my settings—the Startgate offset already at 30 yields a lot of missing notes and flatter dynamics (with less but still present ghost notes). when CURVE is increased, the same ghost notes persist.

unsure, but there are 3 factors that might influence the result considerably:

  1. your input gain might be too high: max vu should only be reached when you hit the string at max strength. (left most VU in picture)
  2. your guitar/pickup might be unfavourable: solid body with bright bridge pickup is best.
  3. strong hum from the pickup can deteriorate performance

After messing with this thing for four days, I’m giving up. Today the program just kept hanging notes. I have yet to get a decent response if I hit more than two or three strings. I have tried my Gretch and my Telecaster, neither one seems to work any better than the other one. I did all of the suggestions.

I wish I could have demo’s this in Logic before I bought it. It seems to work for some people, but I’m tired of messing with it. Guess I’m just out a hundred bucks.

Yes, I’ve troubleshot all of these issues and the results are indifferent. Thank you for your help.

We have an offical moneyback guarantee of 14-days after purchase. Contact if this applies to you.
MG does work for the great majority of users: we can however not guarantee that it works for everyone: there is a great variance in what people expect of it and the integration into DAW’s with synths is not allways simple. Add to this that a pitch to midi convertor never can be perfect.

Hanging notes

  1. sometimes are the result of having the audio interface in some sort of “loopback” mode, where the monitored sound is fed back to the inputs: in that case the sound of the synth is fed to the input of MG, which then results in endless notes.
  2. when the MG channel’s monitoring is switched off while a note is sounding, the note off is never send. When Logic has a sever CPU overload this might happen without switching the monitor button.

Thanks Paul, I’m going to give it a few more tries, just got frustrated yesterday. What I really need to do is to play into the audio track and monitor by a external midi track that is routed into my Integra 7. That is the only way I can play it and get the results I’m wanting. I tried something this morning that seemed to work, but I need to work with it some more to be sure.

I created an audio track for my guitar and only armed input monitoring. I then created an external midi track and record armed it. I didn’t get any stuck notes doing it that way. Some how, yesterday not only was I getting stuck notes, but the only way to stop the feedback loop was to remove the plugin, which was a big hasstle because I lost all the settings when I reloaded.

Another thing that seemed to help was using a flat pick. I had been plucking finger style and I lot of noters were not being captured. I mainly want to use this programs for color, using strings, pads and synths.


I have decided to keep the program. It’s not perfect, but I have been able to get some usable stuff from it.