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Custom_Gate: A hard midi startgate and retrigger blocker

This midi machine contains a harder midi noise gate and a retrigger-blocker.
Those 2 function can help greatly to create cleaner midi if you specifically need that.

-Startgate: Only notes with velocity higher than this will start.
-MinimalRetrigger_ms: the minimal number of milliseconds for a note to be able to retrigger.

Custom_Gate.lua (2.5 KB)

Here a short example with the CustomGate running in MIDI Bass.

Hi Paul,
sounds like I could use that, but how to install it? .lua file??


how to install a script is here:

I did this with success and would like to know if there are any more midifx that eliminate retriggers or random notes?

this script has basically all fixes possible at the script level (there are impossibles ones I’ve tried, believe me…)
With 1 exception: if you play piano like intstruments and suffer from the “when I release a fretted note with the fret finger first, a note half step down sounds” problem.
For that problem you can:
a) release the note closer to the fret, to make the release note the same as the fretted note.
b) train to mute the string with your opicking hand, before release.
c) tune your guitar 20-25 cents higher ( this will not be accurate for bends ofcourse )
d) maybe I (or someone else) come(s) up with a script for that someday, it should theoretically be possible.

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