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Set separate midi channel for each individual string?

Is there way to set a
separate midi channel for each individual string?

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No, only for pitch ranges, not for strings.

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I understand that this does not depend on MG2 functionality but rather on your guitar’s pickup. You most certainly have a single pickup for the six strings with just one output. Therefore MG2 cannot split the sound of one output into six different channels.
However if you get a pickup with six separate magnets each with its own output, you could conceivably open six different plugin instances of MG2 and route each string to a different channel. This is just theory to illustrate the point as I haven’t tried the experiment…yet.

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I’ve been exploring this possibility, but gather that I need a splitter to take the guitar’s hexaphonic output, & separate each channel into a separate line/cable, then need an audio interface with at least 6 line inputs to get the signals into my computer (Mac), & each input would then be the input into an instance of Midi Guitar 2, for 6 instances in my DAW (Logic Pro X)…

Yes, it seems it gets extremely complicated and expensive!!!

I found this website checking my notes. I don’t know if they are still active, but may be an option: https://www.separate-strings.co.uk/breakout%20cables%20and%20more.html

Impressive I didn’t have the foggiest idea that such a cable would exist. Who knows… It might be that Lion , who started this thread, might have the time and will to try it out. I, for sure, have already my hands full with the possibilities that MG2 has to offer as it is. In any case thank you for the insight !! Cheers !

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While this is probably the cheapest solution to try hexaphonic processing, you will need also at least an audio card with 6 or more inputs.
For a bit moe cash a second hand GP10 is a much better solution, it can route vis USB every gk3 string to the computer + the normal pickup signal and on top of that its a absolutely great processor with a lot to offer (effects, synths, guitar, amp modeling) a real swiss army knife with a lot of possibilities.

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Thanks for pointing this out. The GP-10 seems to be a great alternative for hexaphonic recording & processing. The MIDI & audio over USB saves having to buy a 6-input audio interface.

Hi JamO. Can you explain how to do the separate MIDI channels for note ranges, or where in the documentation I can find this? Thanks.

Hi EdMart if you are on iphone/ipad you can do that through Streambyter free app to transform note range in different channels

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Expensive? Well, you could buy the Fishman Triple Play Connect for just € 180,-
It has a hexaphonic pickup and you can assign an instrument for each string.
Don’t own it, so haven’t tried it.

Thanks Alex. I’ll check out StreamByter.

I bought one last week. It does in fact transmit each string in a different midi channel. It is an excellent piece of hardware with a more than lousy documentation. To get it to transmit in 6 different channels you have to turn it on in a special way which they call " hardware mode*". Otherwise, right out of the box it transmits all strings on Channel 1.