Setting up Midi Guitar 2, TEControl BBC 2, and Respiro

Hi all, I’m new to Midi Guitar 2 and need setup help.

I have Midi Guitar 2 running standalone with MIDI Interface section configured as follows:

Output: Scarlett 1818 USB
Controller: Breath Controller-{serial number or something}
Channel 1

Respiro is also running standalone with Active Midi Input set to Scarlett 1818 and Breath Sensitivity section set to:
Mode: BC
CH: 1
CC: 2

When I play guitar and blow into the BBC2, there is no sound is coming out of Respiro. The Breath Sensitivity display shows no activity. MIDI indicator is not lighting up either.

Hello GovenorSilver,

You must not run the Respio VST in parallel in standalone mode. You need to insert it in MG2 as instrument. Then select under “MIDI Interface” the breath controller.

Example with SWAM sax:

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Thanks! I now have sound with Respiro running as an AU and response to the BBC2!

Next step is to set up responsiveness to pitch bend. I set Bending to Enabled (Range 12) in MG2. In Respiro I have Pitchbend set to On with +12 and -12. Sliding my finger up and down a string seems to generate the expected response from Respiro. However, finger vibrato does not trigger any pitch bend like what I see in MG2 videos on Youtube. Or is that behavior only possible with SWAM and Audio Modeling plugins?

Maybe you try to set pitch bend to 2 only. 12 is very high and you can’t really recognize when bending a string.

I changed the bend range to 2 on both MG2 and Respiro. Respiro still does not respond to string bend or vibrato.

The Respiro manual says the orange slider under the Bend On/Off button should be moving left or right if pitch bend data is being received. Nothing I do is making that slider move.

I don’t have any other MIDI gear connected so there should not be anything intercepting MIDI pitch bend between MG2 and Respiro.

Set it to “-0 and +2”
You don’t have a “down” rate

Setting Down Rate to 0 did not fix it. Still no movement on the orange pitch slider.

Maybe I have to restart my computer or something. Will try again tomorrow.

Also make sure BC is selected"

Do you have it working with Audiomodeling SWAM vsts? The settings will definitely be a bit different to set up with Respiro. I’m noticing that Respiro is MPE, I bet that will be a nice vst for MG3.

Yes, it has been set to BC, and has been responding to BBC2 breath no problem.

I just tried Surge XT as the instrument instead of Respiro and it does respond to pitch bend on guitar strings. So I can only conclude something is up on the Respiro side.

Haven’t tried any SWAM plugins yet. I’m hoping to Respiro working with MG2.

But I also got the link to the MG3 beta so might give that a try with Respiro too. Will have to do all this tomorrow. Thanks!

I’ve got some of the SWAM solo instruments, they are great with MPE controllers like ROLI Seaboard Blocks for sure. Can’t wait to use them with MG3!

I would definitely try it in MG3 then because there you have all the MPE features and Respiro is supporting that. I’m sure that it is working. From what I’m reading in the manual it is pretty comparable with the SWAM plugin.

I have the SWAM add-ons for Geoshred on iPad. They do indeed sound great.

LofiLeif’s demos of The Trumpet by Sample Modeling also sound great. But I’ll probably stick to what I know (SWAM), that is, when I’m ready to buy my next plugins. I don’t want to go too crazy buying loads of plugins all at the same time.

I tried reproducing this euphonium solo on guitar a few times - not the exact timbre obviously but the phrasing and the sustain with the help of a Digitech Freqout. It was interesting to observe the results on different guitars, with each guitar having slightly differences on which fretted notes sustained more and which sustained less. The solo ends with an Eb note that sustains for 8 seconds - with continuous control over vibrato and volume. I found some guitars could not sustain that Eb for the full 8 seconds even with Freqout assistance, while at least one could do it. But even on that guitar, waiting until 5 seconds into the note before initiating vibrato was tough.

Thus I dropped the matter and moved on to other activities. Thanks Jam Origin and TEControl for motivating me to try it again.

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hi- I am trying to figure out the same thing. How come I don’t see any windows that look like this? Are you on version 2.21? thanks,

I don’t know understand what you mean, can you please be a bit more specific?

thank you for responding. I am referring to the message about having MG2 respond to pitch bend information. I have not had any luck with this. I am new to MG two, and use it as a plug-in with digital performer. I have been able to set it up and even Import, my TEC breath control info. (By setting up a second track. Rather clunky, I wish it had a way to do it internally like the stand alone version.)

It seems very promising. Perhaps you can help. Thank you,
PS Mac OS X 10.15, digital performer 10.

Progress! Got Respiro to respond to pitch bend as well as BBC2 breath! I had to turn off Legato!

Next step is to figure out how to dial down the dry guitar tone. As shown in the screenshot, the mix is turned all the way to the virtual instrument side but the dry guitar can still be heard.

Congrats! Try to check on your interface settings (monitor / direct etc.) if you can hear the dry guitar signal in parallel. It is most likely a “loop back” issue.


Hello Peter, to verify that pitch bend works in MG2 you can use the built in JX10AM Synth and some patch that comes with it. Enable bends “Range 2” and play. Most certainly pitch bend will follow your string bending.
If it’s not working with other VSTi’s you must check the settings of that particular instrument. Therefore it is very difficult to give a general hit how to solve such problems.