Shameless/Unofficial first MIDI Guitar 3 BETA for Windows

Hello @CLAUDIO welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

The download link is in the first post from the current page.

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Hey @Herold, Thanks for responding but the link doesn’t seem to work for me. Could you provide me the direct link?

I only know this link to download the Windows version and it works perfectly for me, I’ve just tested it. Did you copy and paste it correctly, without leaving out a letter?

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Thanks again, I hadn’t seen this.

First run,I’m impressed.

I have a problem already, well maybe not a problem but more like a wish.
I have two Lehle Expression Pedals, both transmit CC11, I wish I could convert one to a different CC inside MG3 so I can use both without any external programs like Bome or MIDILab.

Also I do not know how the plugin version works but is it possible to have these CC pedals go directly to the plugin instead of routing them to the track from your DAW? (not active in the DAW just in MG3 plugin)
This would simplify things by saving everything inside MG3 preset and not relying on your DAW to route pedal CC’s to the correct track.
I can do this inside the plugin of Soundigy MIDILab already but if I could do this inside MG3 that would simplify things even more.

There is a MIDI Machine called “MIDI Device” in the works that probably will solve that problem. It is a way of adding a set of CC connectors (like the ones in the patchbay) directly to chains.


In the example below I am only using MG3 to pass on all CC:s from the AUDIO track to the instrument track (MIDI from Audio 1)

This is one of the great benefits of using MG3 as a plugin even when you are not interested in loading any of your virtual instruments patches with it. You can set up the most complex MIDI controller relation as a patch and use it just as a MIDI patchbay. Abelton for instance have (had?) rather limited options to connect groups of specific controllers. You have had to set up in a rather awkward way, with separate tracks to add and route specific controllers to specific tracks. This is way easeier to do in MG3 to begin with.

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Awesome, can’t wait to start with the plugin!

:smiley: :smiley:

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Thank you everyone for the testing and great feedback!

Version 3.0.50 with VST plugins and many fixes should land by tomorrow :slight_smile:


Call me stupid but downloaded midiguitar 3 beta yesterday and have spent the whole day so far today to enter my activation code but can’t for the life of me find the dialog box to enter it.

Just to clarify what to do.
Should we uninstall the “Shameless/Unofficial” Windows version before installing version 3.0.50 Standalone/VST?
Or will 3.0.50 overwrite/update the Standalone version?

Have you tried clicking on “buy” then “lifetime licenses”?

I did and filled in my email got sent an activation code but where do enter that code. The only dialog box that comes up is the one for the email and entering it there does nothing

You are not the only one puzzled, and we need to make it more clear.

Assuming you use the Windows version, press “I have previously purchased…” and enter your email and click “Submit”. Then, the bottom part of the window change and you can type the code directly. Lastly. press Activate.

It happened to me: After typing the code several times, I realized that the “ACTIVATED” message was right in front of me…By the way @JamO, great job, the MG3 is insane.

I’m going to go with time delay on my side since the activation code is time sensitive. I’ll give it another try tomorrow afternoon maybe after downloading the latest version. Thanks everyone for your help.

Regards, Max

It would be really nice if the Activate field would allow pasting the code in instead of forcing us to type it in. That is SO 1980s.

And the 2020s are the lazy years… :rofl:

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3.0.50 will automatically paste in the code :slight_smile:


3.0.50 BETA is available now, please see the release notes in the top post.

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OK, it’s downloaded fine, but first you have to disable Windows real-time security. Once downloaded, the antivirus scan doesn’t detect any threats.