Should I MPE enabled midi function / tracks in my DAW

With MG2 do I enable MPE in my Daw Digital Performer 11.2
Because I read MG2 is partially MPE due to its bending aspects?

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Hi @Top40ent

Welcome here, to begin with.

Well, you may have heard of MG2 minimal, that has this one new feature: Partial MPE support - it can output notes to separate channels and apply MIDI channel pressure, for polyphonic expression. But for your standard version MG 2.2.1, it is still only sending notes on a single channel. So no, not if you aren’t trying the MG Minimal right now.

Hi Leif, thanks… so the partial MPE is only for Big Sur as I’m running Monterey 12.4
If it is available for Monterey how do I DL it
Thanks again

I don’t know if it work that well on the newer OS. I’ve been getting some mixed results. You can still download it and it will be visible as a Auv3 in Abelton. Don’t know about DP. But you can’t get the license to work and I am not sure about its functionality either. Here is where you download, if you want to try it out for yourself:

Thank you I’ll give it a try …

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