Sostenuto MIDI Machine

Holds the notes that are on at the moment of pedal press, but newer notes play normally on top of that. Allows retriggering of hold notes.
BUGFIX: the relaying of unused cc’s was faulty!

  • If you are using this midimachine and other CC’s dont work anymore, you have to download this updated version, and overwrite the old one in you midimachine folder *

SOSTENUTO.lua (2.0 KB)


Thank you so much :smiley: ‎‎‎‎

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Sounds nice. Where does that appear in MG2, and is there a particular CC # associated with it? Or?

The cc is free to choose, and should reflect the CC your hardware footcontrolller sends. the midi machines are chosen by clicking on a MIDI FX slot.
More about install of the midi machines:

The “SOSTENUTO” Midi Machine knob must be set to the CC value sent by your midi controller.
My footswitch sends CC54 so the Midi Machine knob must be set on 54.

sostenuto cap

OK. Thank you, Paul.

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I’m curious. What type of footswitch are you using, Harold?

The footswitch labeled “G” (it is the best placed for frequent on/off operations).
It is cheap and reliable (10€).
But it must be connected to a USB analog to MIDI converter.
I use two for all my analog pedals: MIDI Expression iO + MIDI Expression Quattro
The Line6 FBV is a usb MIDI pedalboard.

Do your other pedals function normally while using this midi machine? If I set cc64 to use as sostenuto, my other expression pedal which sends out cc1 starts functioning as a sustain pedal cc64.

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well spotted!
line 65 must be like this;
` Control(channel, incc, value)

The download above is fixed.

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I use two for all my analog pedals: MIDI Expression iO + MIDI Expression Quattro

mg2 only allows one midi controller, correct?

if i want both sustain (via a solution similar to the quattro) and a breath controller i will have to use something like bome midi translator, is that right?

that’s a great pedalboard, btw. very nice.

I do not know Bome and I must use a single MIDI controller in the standalone version of MG.
But I mainly use a plugin host in which there is no limit to the number of MIDI controllers and of plugins, I even use several instances of MG at the same time. It is much more comfortable when playing live.