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Spurious bends / notes on string release


I’m experiencing an annoying tracking artifact, not everywhere, but mostly when playing higher notes (around the 12th fret) on the neck. It often happens that when I release a string, there’s a salvo of negative bends before the note off message, or, if bends are disabled, a very short note on / note off one semitone below the original one.

In many situations (pads for example) this goes mostly unnoticed. However, when I use percussive instruments like steel drums or piano, then you really get a very noticeable annoying note.

I can think of different ways to avoid this with a script (avoid transmitting flat notes that come in very early, enable bends but don’t transmit them, …) none of these really satisfactory.

I’m wondering if something could be done in the tracking engine itself (recognizing that the string is released by the shape of the signal?).

Any thought on this much appreciated.

the desktop version of MG2 has a less secure gate than the iOS version.
the script here might be helpfull:

-MG2 can not differentiate between a finger-fret-release-note and a normal note. Only the veloctiy can help make the difference.
-Right hand muting instead of left hand liftoff is the classic way to avoid fretreleasenotes

  • Fretwraps dont help for this issue: they only mute after the fretfinger is long gone from the ambiguous zone. fretwraps help to avoid openstrings triggered inadvertedly.

Thank you. I’ll experiment with that.

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