Studio one 5 - Tec bbc2 - SWAM Engine (Saxophone) SETUP help


My name is Kevin and I have not been using since 2015… Midi Guitar that is:)
I recently tuned my guitar back up to standard (from 1 semitone down - not a success even with the tracking tuning set to 1 semitone down - It doesn’t track nice) and Midi

Guitar is once again a Bliss:) - Love it

To my question - I don’t get how to use/setup/route multiple inputs with Midi Guitar / BBC2 and the SWAM engine…
I can easily do Midi Guitar -> SWAM ok - but how to “map” the bbc2 as well?

Info :

Studio one 5.0.2

BBC2 : (Breath Controller 5.0-18260ED3)

Quantum Tunderbolt 26X32 (Firmware 1.1.8)

Midi Guitar 2.2.1

SWAM SAX (64bit) 2.9.0

Kind Regards
Kevin Thon

I would use a VST Host such as Gigperformer ( orva DAW ), place SWAM as a plugin and route the midi signal from MG2 and tree one from the TEC , both in parallel to the SWAM. But if you need a more qualified answer send a message to this guy.

He uses the same setup you are asking about.Cheers

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Hi Kevin! Yes, as Bonanote pointed out, I am an avid user of much of that very setup, with the exeption for Studio One, which I’ve never used. But perhaps I can be of some assistance anyway? In the standard scenario I don’t do more with my BBC2 than to connect it to my computer. You have the dedicated BBC2 software, where you decide what gesture (breath,bite, tilt or nod) goes with what MIDI message (CC:s or aftertouch)

If you (to begin with) set breath to MIDI CC2 (as in the screenshot), and follw the standard setup in Studio one with MIDI Guitar on an AUDIO track, and then the SWAM sax on a SOFTWARE track as is described in the DAW guide (, there is only one thing you should need to do, and that is to decide upon a preset for your SWAM instrument. You can start with the Breath controller preset. Follow steps one and 2 here: Now make sure to set Pitch bend ranges to the same value on both MIDI Guitar 2 and the SWAM sax: Start out with setting up MIDI Guitar 2 like this:
The SWAM Pitch bend are here, and you set both to 12: There are some more pointers perhaps in this clip, if you feel you want to dig deeper right away. A place to start: A few tips to get started with MG2, Breath controller and SWAM Instruments Other than that I think you should be set. The only thing I saw in the DAW demo that could be an issue is that you have to decide MIDI in for the SWAM sax, and it seems to be an option for ‘all inputs/any’ that you may have to choose to channel both MIDI Guitar and BBC2 MIDI. But this is where I am not sure as I’ve never used it myself. Start with this and get back to me if there are any other questions (or if it didn’t work out)? Good Luck