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Studio one 5 - Tec bbc2 - SWAM Engine (Saxophone) SETUP help


My name is Kevin and I have not been using since 2015… Midi Guitar that is:)
I recently tuned my guitar back up to standard (from 1 semitone down - not a success even with the tracking tuning set to 1 semitone down - It doesn’t track nice) and Midi

Guitar is once again a Bliss:) - Love it

To my question - I don’t get how to use/setup/route multiple inputs with Midi Guitar / BBC2 and the SWAM engine…
I can easily do Midi Guitar -> SWAM ok - but how to “map” the bbc2 as well?

Info :

Studio one 5.0.2

BBC2 : (Breath Controller 5.0-18260ED3)

Quantum Tunderbolt 26X32 (Firmware 1.1.8)

Midi Guitar 2.2.1

SWAM SAX (64bit) 2.9.0

Kind Regards
Kevin Thon