Surge synthesizer vocoding with JamOrigin MIDI Guitar using the new Injurface

The great open source synthesizer Surge also has a fantastic vocoderfunction.
My new Injurface is a harmonica mount with a AKG 520L and a TEC BBC2 breathcontroller, in this jam only the mike is used.
JamOrigin MIDI Guitar and Surge are hosted in the live host Gigperformer. Sorry for the few crackles, my laptop crackles while video recording anything that has a buffersize under 256, it is on 128 in Gigperformer here, which is perfectly fine for normal performance.


Paul, that is crazy cool. I glanced at it months ago, made a mental note to come back. But…
My mental note app has auto-erase. might be age-related.
Thanks for your excellent input on this forum and THANKS for mentioning Surge
That is the. most. beautiful free synth. full stop. I love the synth, admire their open source ethos, and I’m making a mental note to donate. (uh oh)

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Thanks Bil!
The forum is ofcourse part of my job at jamorigin: I’m at customer support, here and I help in development. But I’m glad I’m not too bad at it :wink: