Sustain and expression pedal

hello to everyone
i am grateful to here
i m an happy owner of midi guitar 2
but i didn’ t how to to connect a sustain pedal or an expression pedal
can you help me?
thank to all of you

You can connect any midi footcontroller, there are different types:

  1. cheapest: bluetooth see: iRig blueboard
  2. better: a legacy midi footcontroller: see: Behringer FCB1010
    (you need a “usb to midi cable” and usb hub to connect both audio interface and usb midi cable!)
  3. best: a pedalboard with USB midi connection:
    you only need a hub to connect this and your interface

thanks for you precious and exaustive answer
i will try one of that i have to think about it
thanks a lot
have a great day!

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Hello everybody, i’m new on this forum.

With what: as Paul said, you need an usb device.

How to: click interface / click midi control and select your device / click midi learn / click the appropriate assign button / manipulate the controller you want to operate / close the interface window: it’s done!

I use an Audiofront Quattro box to plug my footswitches and expression pedals.
It is an affordable and efficient device with a software to program the pedals you connect.
It converts analog to usb, allowing to trig in MG with specified functions and with settings storable.

I use it in live performances, mixing guitar/synth or else with 2 expression pedals, changing patches with a 2 buttons footswitch, another for various purposes ie: changing the leslie rotary speed, etc.
In this way, MG ist a really cool machine on stage.

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hello ,Harold
thanks for your reply ,indeed!
it is a very smart solution!
thanks again
see you soon

Hello All,

I am also trying to control two expression pedals through an iRig Blueboard running MG 2.5 for iOS but cannot figure out how to perform Midi Learn or programming with control changes within the Blueboard app. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

See this info:

Thanks, Paul. The volume change was more subtle than anticipated. I’ll keep tweaking in my setup. Thanks again!

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I must be doing something wrong as I can’t get the volume control to work consistently. Here is a screenshot of the settings I have per your previous comment about using the MIDI machine settings.

Thanks for the help.

Paul is on holiday and has more insight than me in this matter, but it believe the problem is that you run the transpose pedal on CC7 which is also the default for Volume. Try using something else for transpose and sustain.

Hi, I’m testing stand-alone MG Piano Sustain feature in MIDI Machines, but it’s not functioning as I had hoped. The effect I’m trying to achieve is to play a sustained chord that will last several bars, while I click sustain off and play a lead along with the sustained chord. However, the sustain fades very quickly after I click sustain off, leaving my lead with no chord behind it. I’m not using a sustain pedal yet btw, but instead using the Sustain button within MG.
Thanks, Will

the simulated piano string will fade according the “decay” parameter. So twiddle that knob if you want the sound to last longer.

I see now. Thanks for your expert reply once again. The Instrument Decay, Release, and Muffling settings seem to do the trick. I just need to spend more time tweaking all the knobs. So far I’m having my best results using the Sustain’s “Hold instrument, switch to Guitar” type. I hit the sustain button and play a sustained chord in the instrument path, then hit the button again to play lead down the guitar path.

I’ve come to the conclusion that purchasing MG really is a no-brainer. It is incredibly powerful and very accurate in generating MIDI off of an incoming audio signal! I’ll be heading over to the purchasing department now LOL but I would like to make two suggestions; 1) The built-in Help is good and to the point, but Jam Origin should consider authoring a few example videos to get the customer up and running, and 2) there doesn’t seem to be a way to trial the latest release. Congrats for an outstanding product, and keep up the good work Jam Origin!

Thanks again Paul,

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Hi there,
I just hooked up a Blueboard to midiguitar 2 with a couple of affordable MGearEXP expression pedals and was impressed at how streamlined the set up is. Managed to link midi with sampletank midi and sustain on the synth in midiguitar2.
Any way that I can turn the guitar effects in Midiguitar2 on and off with a pedal? I see from your list above that only sustain, transpose and volume are midi so is this
Cheers, Anthony McGrath, Scotland

I am moderate level MIDI person. I have a Soleman MIDI pedal and I am watching MIDI messages in realtime on a computer. I have MG sustain pedal listening for CC64 and when the pedal sends it, the sustain pedal activates on MG. Great! Problem is, it never goes back off again!?!?!?! What MIDI message do I need to send to turn it back off?

@gavelini I do not know the midi soleman pedal (which model is it?) but with all my midi pedals (or midi switches as well) it works fine: pushing down the pedal or pressing the switch to get sustain, moving back the pedal to the initial position or pressing the switch again to stop sustain.
When moving down and up your pedal, what midi messages values are displayed on your computer?

The way I understand the midi cc system is that the cc # tells midi guitar which function to change ( eg midi cc 64) and where the expression pedal is capable of sending a value range from zero to 127. If you want to use an expression pedal to change a function from on to off, any value above 64 should turn it on and any value below 63 should turn it off. However if your midi pedal is an on off type switch it may need to be programmed to send alternate values on subsequent activations… On my system (FCB 1010) I would program a value of 127 for on and 0 for off.

Regards , Max

I have a midi keyboard with a sustain pedal hooked up through my interface and I’m not able to get the sustain pedal (or any midi from the keyboard) to connect to MG2’s sustain midi fx. It is an older keyboard if that has any say in the matter. Everything works fine in an Ableton 10 midi track, it just won’t connect to MG2.

Hi Charlie! I too have a sustain pedal hooked up to a keyboard connected to Abelton while I play my MIDI Guitar stuff. Now, first off, if you open MG2 in standalone mode, you can check if the sustainpedal is registered by MIDI Guitar 2 (MG2). If you click the Interface Tab (top left corner) and check the “control” slot in the MIDI Interface box for your keyboard, you should be able to find it there. Choose it and play in standalone. For use in Abelton, there is a question of how you wish to use it. If you want to play MG2 as a plugin on a audio track and use with your sustain pedal on any plugin on a software track this is of course nothing to it. But if you want to send midi cc 64 to the MG2 plugin on the Audio channel, you are going to have to do an extra maneuver. I created a separate MIDI track to direct my Keyboard+sustainpedal MIDI messages directly to my MG2 plugin on the audio track (tr. 3-Audio) This is what that extra track looked like, and once armed, I could use my sustain pedal to play the MG2 MDA piano and use the sustain pedal as well. Skärmavbild 2021-10-16 kl. 22.02.50
Hope that is to some help to you!

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Thank you for the options! This helped a lot!

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