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Sustain and expression pedal


hello to everyone
i am grateful to here
i m an happy owner of midi guitar 2
but i didn’ t how to to connect a sustain pedal or an expression pedal
can you help me?
thank to all of you


You can connect any midi footcontroller, there are different types:

  1. cheapest: bluetooth see: iRig blueboard
  2. better: a legacy midi footcontroller: see: Behringer FCB1010
    (you need a “usb to midi cable” and usb hub to connect both audio interface and usb midi cable!)
  3. best: a pedalboard with USB midi connection:
    you only need a hub to connect this and your interface


thanks for you precious and exaustive answer
i will try one of that i have to think about it
thanks a lot
have a great day!


Hello everybody, i’m new on this forum.

With what: as Paul said, you need an usb device.

How to: click interface / click midi control and select your device / click midi learn / click the appropriate assign button / manipulate the controller you want to operate / close the interface window: it’s done!

I use an Audiofront Quattro box to plug my footswitches and expression pedals.
It is an affordable and efficient device with a software to program the pedals you connect.
It converts analog to usb, allowing to trig in MG with specified functions and with settings storable.

I use it in live performances, mixing guitar/synth or else with 2 expression pedals, changing patches with a 2 buttons footswitch, another for various purposes ie: changing the leslie rotary speed, etc.
In this way, MG ist a really cool machine on stage.


hello ,Harold
thanks for your reply ,indeed!
it is a very smart solution!
thanks again
see you soon


Hello All,

I am also trying to control two expression pedals through an iRig Blueboard running MG 2.5 for iOS but cannot figure out how to perform Midi Learn or programming with control changes within the Blueboard app. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!


See this info:


Thanks, Paul. The volume change was more subtle than anticipated. I’ll keep tweaking in my setup. Thanks again!