Touchguitar solo with midi gating using Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2.2.1

(attention: weird hippyjazz alert)
Inside Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 there is an effect called Deep Expressor. it is an elaborate filter that uses midi to change the harmonics and dynamics of your guitar sound. It also has a knob to balance the attack vs. the sustained sound. Here I dialed in just the sustained sound: this means that the synth is sync with the guitar, and that the fret tick is cancelled.
A TEC BBC2 breath controller is sending CC#2 to the JX10 for modding the cutoff of the synth.
The custom gate script for having a sharper treshold for the synth, you can download it from this forum here.

I used a fretwrap and thin strings.

This is the midi gate used for the synth:

The Deep Expressor is set to with the “Sustain” dial on “100% longer” and with the “Attack” knob on 100% sustain. After the Expressor I used a compressor/overdrive to have the output dynamics more flat.
Add other effects to taste.