Update: New BETA3 version (3.0.37) is up!

New very minor update 3.0.37 (third beta version) is available to download at the same download link from the BETA invitation email. No need to download if you don’t have major issues.

3.0.37. Changelist:

Fixed a potential hazard when scanning for audio plugins at startup, that might lead to (mostly) black screens and crashes at startup or closedown. It could also be the cause of failed plugin validation in DAWs.


MG3 now validates successfully in Digital Performer and Gig Performer, looks great, shuts down properly. Thank you! I am looking forward very much to this. I use MG mainly as a standalone, as a MIDI In source for Gig Performer.


I still don’t understand the authorization procedure. I received an activation code but I don’t where to input it? Every couple of minutes, the ‘go to shop’ sign pops up. If I de-click the window I can keep working, but operations are interrupted while the sign is open.

Click the button at the bottom right of the popup screen “I have previously purchased…”

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Version 3.0.37 Validation fails
osx 10.15.7
Logic pro x 10.6.3
Skjermbilde 2024-03-01 kl. 14.57.01

I recently purchased MIDI Guitar 2. How do I get access to the Beta?

Was that AU or VST3 that validates in DP and is this DP11? what OS and is this Silicon M1 or M2?

MG3 is only supported from Mac OS 11… We may be able to lower it, but unfortunately I dont want to bring more uncertainty into testing right now.

This build fixed the validation issue for me! One thing I’ll mention is that the email went to the spam folder as you mentioned it might (I wonder if there is a way to prevent this?). But also the name of the email was “MIDI Guitar 2 license code”, so it needs to be updated to Midi Guitar 3 license code. Thanks again for all your hard work!

The tracking quality of MG3 far exceeds my expectations. Together with the MPE capability and all other features, this sets a new benchmark in guitar to MIDI conversion. It’s never been easier or faster to set up and control parameters via external MIDI devices. I’m very impressed and can’t imagine how much work it must have been to get it where it is.
Congratulations and thank you for this unique masterpiece!


This is what it looks like on my end. If I press the ‘I have previously…’ box, it either reverts to normal operation and after a while the sign pops up again, or I am asked to enter the email again.

Same for me. I have my license file from MG2. Will this work?

Both AU and vst3 validate on both my iMac Intel and MBP Silicon in DP 11.31, both machines on Monterey 12.7.3.

I got the license file and successfully entered it into the standalone app.

If it could work on Yosemite I would be very happy…. My studio hardware and software has me stuck there. I used MG2 to compose a string quartet, and though it was a lot of work to delete all the many ghost notes that would show up, your software was the only real option to work in this way and was a real revelation. It opens up so many possibilities!

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is that MG2 license that I already have or new one ?

After installing the beta version 3.0.37 the standalone application now works and tells me it is authorized. When I start Logic Pro it no longer has any problems and the plugin is validated correctly. After having made all the required settings in Logic (44.1/256 buffer etc.) I open an audio track and insert MG 3 but it doesn’t play! I see the guitar sound on the track channel (v-meter) but it doesn’t come out on the master and sometimes the track input (v-meter) doesn’t indicate anything. By clicking on a mono or stereo track I hear a small, short sound. If in the same project I open another audio track with MG2 everything works perfectly. Even choosing 1/2/3 row sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t!

No, the authorization has changed. Now you need to enter the email used at the time of purchase and then you will receive a code in a new email that will authorize MG3.

Thank you for reporting. I’ll try to reproduce this but please let me know - what kind of patch do you have in MG3. Just the MINI patch?

If you made a more complicated patch, please share it with me. Click “share” and drag the file in here.

Everything working in Standalone. But fails as an au plugin in logic. Has to do with a midi failure. Don’t know what the next move is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!