Using midi bass to trigger kick drum sounds

I have been wondering if I can use my Midi Bass program to trigger a kick drum sound but not have it change frequency with different notes. I would like to use something like this in a live situation, playing in a group that does not have a drummer. I would only want use this effect on tunes that have a very basic simple tempo and rhythm, like slow blues or other similar patterns. Should this be possible if I can create a good sample to trigger.?

it is possible yes. I’ll make a midi machine that will assign a range to 1 specifiable midi note.

Thank you again Paul for your assistance. I have loaded the Range to one note file . I can access the Midimachine in the Midi Bass program, selecting it as a choice for Midi FX. I have not worked out how to select the sound it will trigger. I shall experiment further ! If you can give me any advice I would be very grateful. I use your programs to drive instruments in Garage Band, normally for recordings, not in a live situation. I have access to lots of samples of drums etc, and I also have an electronic drum kit I could probably trigger sounds from, but not sure of the best way to go about this.