What's best as far as pick-up wise?

Anyone know the “best” type of pick-up to use with Midi Guitar?

Single coil?

Most of the stuff I do is tapping and am getting ready to put a new rig together so I was trying to get some pick-up info.


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bridgeposition, bright and with little hum.
Humbuckers tend to be less bright, so an active low impedance bridge pickup seems the best choice. Neckposition will work also, but may be a bit too bassy, and it depends on the guitar whether our “tone” knob can compensate that.
I name the hum here, because when you play softly (tapping with long notes sustaining), the frequencies colliding with the poweroutlet frequency (50 hz or 60hz) may interfere.
Also see the more rigid gating featured in this midi machine: Custom_Gate: A hard midi startgate and retrigger blocker

ps: I must add that some people just play with humbuckers, and that they are also satisfied with that… technically brighter pickups are a bit better for polyphony.

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Thanks for responding Paul. I’ve been using a strat that has a passive humbucker and it’s worked really well. Sadly that guitar is on its way out so I’m looking for a replacement and now knowing what you’ve said will help me find the replacement I’m looking for. I also use MIDI guitar with my 12 string and it’s amazing sounding!

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