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Which audio interface do you use with iPad?



Which audio interface do you use with iPad? In your opinion, what is the best product and what is your experience?


HI Bart,
Our app will work fine with any interface. A cheap Irig interface plugged into the headphone port will work fine for testing our app (if you dont overdo the gain)
If you want to use our app seriously, an usb or lightining audiointerface is necessary.
A good standard is the Steinberg UR22 MKII audiointerface. that is also the one I currently use.
An affordable Behringer FCB1010 midi controller floarboard is connected to it for footcontrol.
For me, bluetooth midi footcontrollers are deprecated. they are just not as reliable, ask for batteries and generally no sturdy enough.


Thank you for your answer and your advice! I ordered an audio interface of the Zoom U-24 and a lighting adapter to Usb. We hope it works all right !!


that Zoom is a nice alternative! good set of features and super price.


Yes, it looks like a great product for the price it has !! :+1:


to be complete:
You need this to have your ipad and interface running from the same powersupply:


Yes, as I said I ordered the Zoom U-24 and a USB lighting adapter. Thanks for your help !


Hi, I use the tascam interface without camera kit, it is specifically for Ipad.
Good suonds


Thanks Alessandro for your contribution. So you use the Tascam interface that plugs into the iPad headset jack?


Yes, tascam iXr, Use the cable to charge the Ipad as a data connection between the two and use one of its cables to the apple charger for power supply. Ipad will use the internal battery to work.
Now I’m away from home and I do not remember why I do not use it, it also has midi ports that maybe will be useful for additional pedalboard connections. This will be my future research.
Good sounds.




it’s him, so far I’ve only used the instrument input for the guitar and the headphone output. The headphone output has a balance where you can adjust the amount between its pure guitar and Ipad return.
I have recently arrived at midi guitar 2.5 and the sound is even clearer, very beautiful and rich.
I use an economical squier guitar.
Good sounds.


I received the USB lightning adapter today (generic, purchased on Amazon, it works) and the Audio Zoom U-24 interface and I’m experimenting with Midi Guitar 2.5, Garage Band, SampleTank … I’ll probably have to buy the original adapter Apple (USB lightning) to power the iPad.


Good sounds and music too you !


I’ve been really happy with my iConnectivity Audio4+, which doesn’t require the Lightning-to-USB camera connection kit. It comes with its own Lightning-to-USB cable, and I don’t hear any latency.

Yes, it’s not as cheap ($299), but it’s solid, can also record into a Mac, and the versatility is very flexible. My only qualm with it, is that the front UI isn’t intuitive, without downloading the manual. It’s not obvious, but the interface on the front is a touchscreen, which allows you to toggle/bypass which input, output, or headphone levels that the hardware knob is controlling.


Hi Mark, and thank you for telling us about your experience. Yes, the iConnectAUDIO4 + looks like an excellent audio interface with the advantage of being able to be used with Mac, PC and IOS. For those interested in learning more: https://www.iconnectivity.com/products/audio/iconnectaudio4plus

Good day everyone