A video All about MIDI Guitar 2 settings, tracking and latency

This video is all about MIDI Guitar 2 settings, tracking and latency. It is by no stretch of the imagination all that can be said on the subject matter, but it is perhaps a place to start?
Feel free to chime in with your ideas on relevant settings - and especially so, if you are of a different opinion on something? An open discussion on this subject is probably a great resource for anyone new to MIDI Guitar 2 as well.


I think it is the most complete demo of how to avoid artefacts and other issues that novice users with Midi Guitar complain about.
This is the best current reference manual, and enhanced with telling illustrations.
Thank you again for this video - and with so good music at the end :wink:

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Thank you @Herold
I kind of had a hope of starting a healthy discussion around what tricks we all use to make our MIDI Guitar playing work for us. Let’s see if this is a good enough first post on the subject? :blush: :+1:

Thanks for putting this up. I’m actually using the advice and setting up my MD2 that best suits my gear. Thanks again!


I don’t know what else could be added but maybe someone will find some unsuspected improvements, such as: strings material (steel, nickel…), plectrum thickness, nail length, amount of coffee or other substances ingested before playing, etc… :disguised_face:

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Yeah, I deliberately choose not to go into those subjects for that very reason! :grin:

Thanks again Herold.
You made me think more about some settings and other things I just did by chance but now I understand what the controls do in detail.
Also very good playing as usual.
I changed most of my presets I normlly use and expanded/compressed immediately and trimmed the noise gate/ gains etc.
You are definitely correct on NOT using any noise gate in MG2 to start with. One can do that on the input of the inteface if necessary but I did use it a bit on some instruments.
You also said that MG2 is the very best of any Guitar-Midi convertors and I agree after trying many things claiming to do it.
Keep up the great playing as usual.

Hello Garry, Thorleif is the one to thank, not me :wink:
Unless the amount of coffee you drink before playing is essential to you :rofl:

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I am sure many of us who have never thought of guitar synthesis as involving more than a guitar and a synth would be interested to hear about your use of a wind controller. In my folly I spent the last 60 years believing that guitars were controlled by fingers (alright, and picks). I was a fool, obviously. This may lie slightly outside the remit of the video but perhaps you might tell us something about its benefits and its use.

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Hi @DearOdear! I have actually got that precise question quite a few times already in relation to this video, so I am in the middle of doing a breath controller special right now. Hopefully it will cover most of your queries, but there is still time to ask about any specific functions you want to be addressed. I will probably go over some general ideas on other kinds of expression controllers (pedals, ribbon controllers, software?) too, just for context.

I am looking forward to that and I’m sure whatever you tell us will be most useful for many of us. Watching you, I am not certain whether you are using the device on the guitar’s patch’s Continuous Controllers or humming melody to an accompanying track, or both, I suspect. I have seen some chaps using foot pedals for those purposes but not being blessed with prehensile toes I cannot emulate the technique. What I discovered I could do with MG, however, is use my passable countertenor voice as a surprisingly effective trigger for MG when used scat-like into a microphone on much tuned percussion, piano, harp, and yes, guitar sounds! I bet you have lots to tell us. In your own good time, natch.

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Haha! had to look up prehensility. Not in the standard Swede’s English vocabulary I guess, or could it just be me? :flushed: Yeah, I’ve tried using a pedal for the same purpose (software instrument expression as with CC2 or CC11) but I couldn’t even get close. Especially for wind instruments.
And yes, I’ve also tried a lot of different (acoustic) inputs to trigger the software rather successfully. But I can’t use my voice to safely generate any two notes even close to any future predictions (say interval :grin:) unfortunately. So no singing (nor humming) from me. I’ll post the video here in the forum when it is finished. Till later :+1:

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