Bend Attack V3 ( postpone bending at note start, restrict to upward bends option )

Postpone bending at note start helps for more natural sound for some instruments: if you play a fast arpeggio, you might want to have the notes “on the spot” and not a bit detuned.
Also works for keeping a keyboard instrument a keyboard instrument in sound, but still do bends…

3 Knobs:
Bend attack ms - sets the length of the bend attack in milliseconds

method - you can choose between switching on the bend after the bend attack, or fading in the bend gradually via the “ease in” setting.

Bend up only - when on, this will void any bending lower than the started note frequency. Great for keeping sounds with long releasetime in tune, will however not work great with

  • “first bend, then play the note and let the note dive” technique…
  • slideguitar
  • floyd rose and bigsby

V2: added a bend reset just before every note, makes it completely reliable.
V3: added the upward bend only switch
Bend attack V3.lua (1.8 KB)


Great idea, how to install this midi machine in my midiguitar pc?

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Hi Paul! I guess you must have read my mind, cause I’ve been meaning to contact you about this very feature! However small it might seem it really does make a world of difference to all instruments that are (highly) responsive to bends. I really love it and I thank you sincerely for providing it! Regards / LoFiLeif


just a headsup for V2: there was a small error in the first version. should be perfect now.

just a headsup for V2: there was a small error in the first version. should be perfect now.

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Thanks Paul! I’ll be trying the v2 at once! What was wrong with the first?

there wasn’t a Bend(0) before each note start, so there could be a frame of random bend (from previous note) peeping through.

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I dont know how you did it but i am shocked, i primarily sweep pick when i play and for the longest time midi guitar 2 didnt like it haha. But now since ive downloaded this bend attack V2 its way better, my sweep arpeggios are finally more clear when i use midi instruments. My sweeping is pristine so i guess that fast playing is a weak spot in this software? Also do you plan on developing more modes for sweep picking players? thank you


glad you like it!
There are a lot of factors that influence the perception of the tuning, but probably the main factor is that on many instruments a slight detuning which is normal for a guitartone, doesn’t sound right.
Secondly this slight detuning gets a bit more focus because the midi and the bends are generated per frame, which makes very short detuned spots a bit longer and more noticeable.

Do you thibk it would be possible to adapt that script to do the opposite ? reduce bends to null after a certain amount of time?
With midi guitar 2 I love to control synth pitch with my guitar bendings, so natural to control bends and vibrato that way, but at the end of really long notes pitch bend becomes a little erratic and not reflecting my playing.
So a script to reduce that would really be helpfull!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

there is a big chance the warble on that very long note’s end, are note on’s and not bends.
If you use the custom gate, those notes will not be generated.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try that!

Would the both of these scripts work good together? Or should one be used over the other? I have issues with re-trigger, especially if i play a low note like the low E while i play a higher like a C on the thirteenth fret, when low notes and high notes ring together the low note retriggers like crazy non stop until the string is muted.

very long open string notes with notes simultaneously higher on the neck is a weak spot. it can not be fixed by any script currently.

Those midi machines are very interesting and useful, can be loaded in some way in the IOS version?

no, the ios version has no script engine running.

This is a very interesting post. I downloaded the Bend Attack LUA file and copied it into Midi Machines folder. When I open it in Midiguitar, only one of the “knobs” moves. (the millisecond one) The other one doesn’t turn . Is this something that is still under development ? I also downloaded the Custom Gate LUA and put it in the same folder, and it works as expected._

you must turn that knob further: it is a switch, determining whether bends come gradually or at once after the attack ms period

I have tried all sorts of ways to get the lower knob to move. The top one responds fine. I might try downloding the file and starting again.