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Good morning all . a friend offered me a VSTI … SWAM cello but it is the only one that I cannot manage to operate from a supplied library. When I use the mouse on the virtual keyboard of the software, I hear the sound but as soon as I make a note with midi guitar 2.2.1, there is this message: please move your expression controler (check) midi options for expression CC assignment. Can someone help me ??? PS: I have cubase 9.5 element, I7, 16 go ram, ssd 500 go, M-audio interface 192 khz - 24 bits and this computer is dedicated exclusively for music. Thank you in advance

It seems that one needs to assign midi expression controllers first before playing, like volume or bow position that seems to be important.
Maybe no controller = one arm violonist ?
You should have a look at the swam documentation to map your midi controller(s).

expression is mostly expected at CC2, but SWAM will learn which CC you send.
The CC should best describe the envelop. This envelop is contained within aftertouch. Since keyboards often dont have aftertouch, synth developers mostly swtich to CC control.
MG can generate aftertouch however… This aftertouch can be converted to a CC via a midimachine. Then SWAM will hear the CC ( play the guitar when SWAM says “move your expression controller”) and it should work.
The conversion midi machine is here: Aftertouch to CC

Now the original envelop is not that exciting for playing cello, unless you use an e-bow or real bow on your guitar. That is the reason that midi pedals or breathcontrollers are often used for this: the extra controller then provides the CC and is this not bound to the decaying string volume.

Thank you both for helping me with this revolutionary and fantastic software. But I have downloaded aftertouchCC.lua and when I want to open it, windows ask me to open it with … I don’t know.
could you guide me ?

Install instructions are here: About the MIDI Machines category

MERCI beaucoup Paul d’être si bien a notre écoute … et si rapidement

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I have a number of the SWAM instruments including the Cello. I invested in a TEC breath controller after seeing some videos of demonstrations. You get a much better expression compared to a pedal. Enjoy!

Merci , je vais acheter un contrôleur respiratoire pour l’expression . Vive MG2 .
existe t il un pedalier pour changer de CC . exemple - de saccato a pizzicato ? … avec le souffle peut on le faire ?