Guitar tunings - How low can I go?

Hello all!

I’m trying to setup Midi Guitar 2 for a baritone guitar tuned to B standard (or drop A). It seems I can’t go lower than certain notes on strings 2-6. This is either in Polyphonic or Monophonic mode. Maybe I’m missing something obvious…?

Alternatively, I could use Midi Bass but it seems that only works on 4 string basses in standard tuning.


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i have used mg2 with a baritone electric guitar and if i recall correctly i was able to trigger notes down to the lowest d (third fret on the low ‘b’ string).

i don’t recall having any issues with the other strings.

mg2 also seemed fine with various alternate tunings.

on your strings 2-6 issue it may be worth checking your intonation.

another option is to transpose -12 or -24 when you need notes below the range of your instrument. i believe this will also improve latency by a few ms (because you will be playing higher notes which get detected more quickly).

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe I’m having an issue creating a new preset. When I modify existing presets the lowest notes I can get on each string vary…
The lowest notes I can set in MG2 are (high to low) B, G, D, A#, F#, D. and that’s only when I change the preset D tuning.

i must admit i didn’t alter any of the string settings in mg2 when i was using the baritone.

i did a couple of recording sessions with it, i don’t recall any significant difference from a standard guitar. i was mostly playing melodic lines.

i’ll give it another go and look for the type of issues you’ve reported.

I had the same problem. I spent years in C#. I have used MG2 withyMG-Bass at the same time. MG-bass is mono and it captured the lowest motes. I ran both on my MacBook at the same time at the suggestion of the developers after they tried it. It did work. MG-2 went to E at the time and no lower. I eventually went to standard tuning again and stopped using MG-Bass.

Hope that helps

It might also depend on the instrument you’re trying to trigger. I’ve found that some instruments seem to have a cap/limit on their range, so no matter what gets sent from your guitar, it doesn’t get interpreted or sent back as the same note (or any note at all).

I appreciate the replies. I might try running both Guitar and Bass together, just so I can get the lowest notes to register…

Other than that, I guess I’ll be waiting for MG3 to come out…

Thanks again.

When I modify existing presets the lowest notes I can get on each string vary…

i was reunited with my baritone today and did some experimenting.

with the guitar tuned BEADF#B but using the standard tuning option in mg2 i had no issues with strings 5-1. the lowest notes played normally.

on the B/6 string only notes down to E would sound.

if i alter the standard tuning in mg2 to DADGBE (changing only string 6) notes down to D work fine.

i’d like to find out more about what advantages setting the tuning properly in mg2 would convey. but, at the moment i just leave it as EADGBE cause that’s the way my primary guitar is usually tuned.


The tuning settings in MG dont do that much, since MG doesnt recognise which string is played. So only the 6th string setting will determine what the lowest note is. Lowest in polyphonic mode is chosen with the tuning setting of the 6th string. In mono mode the lowest note is allways C.
On iOS you can use my PD Space Guitar app to work as a fast pitch shifter, that way you can use 7, 8 strings and bass polyphonically with MG.

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