Midi Guitar 3 beta - Reply to show interest

I would like to participate in the MIDI Guitar 3 Beta.

I would like to participate as well.

Hey there,

I’d love to be part of the testing as well.

I’ve purchased MG2 today, and I have a hard time finding a suitable configuration.

Tried with 1 electro-acoustic guitar and 2 electric guitars.
I tried many combinations of tones / pickups but unfortunately for now it requires a lot of post processing.

I’d be curious to see if the new version somehow fixes some of the issues.

Please count me in for the testing!!

A minute of self promoting for beta test participation, heh.
I can test both MG and MB, as I have both bass and melody strings on my Chapman stick, and have my interest in picking up MIDI from both.
As a drawback - my playing technique is limited to tapping.
While not a minstrel of great renown, I at least do know how the bug report should look like.

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I’ve been playing around with the MG2 demo for a while, and decided to purchase the full version today. Definitely be interested in the MG3 beta version. The stock sounds are quite amazing with guitar, but absolutely incredible with NI FM8 as VST plugin.


No thanks I really don’t have time to test the beta. I’m patiently awaiting the final product.